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Happy new year! Gott nytt år! May this year be a year of reson/reason. Må detta år gå i tecken av reson. We can all be part of making word peace by starting near ourselves. Vi kan alla delta i ansträngningen att nå världsfred genom att starta i vår närhet. Todays word that popped up… Continue reading Reson

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An(n)astrof – An(n)astrophe

Today I learned a new word. The opposite of catastrophe is anastrophe. Isn't that great? Instead of catastrophe happens an anastrophe.  Idag lärde jag mig ett nytt ord. Motsatsen till katastrof heter anastrof. Ett fantastiskt ord tycker jag. Tänk att istället för en katastrof inträffar en anastrof. I just had to draw this wonderful word.… Continue reading An(n)astrof – An(n)astrophe

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Imagine a Day

When I did a post about a photobook Imagine by Erik Johansson, Sheldon commented the post and mentioned a book he remembered. Imagine a Day by Sarah L. Thomson, Robert Gonsalves. Now I got it and it's a lovely book! Fantastic paintings and beautiful words. I will read this book many times and learn from… Continue reading Imagine a Day

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No 10 drawing in my goals for 2016

Andys post about and ancient sculpture and his challenge to me to post a drawing on the same theme made me dare do this post. This is no. 10 drawing out of about a hundred drawings I plan to make. The inspiration come from a space epos, a poetic masterpiece. It's about humans that were… Continue reading No 10 drawing in my goals for 2016

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Dannys question for the day made me think of this word: Visit his post and read other good one word a day suggestions. What do you think of the word TRY? Anna

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Empty words

How often do you hear empty words? How often do you use them yourself? What do you do when you hear them? Why do you use them? Are they good or bad, the empty words? What are empty words? Have I succeeded with the empy words drawing?  I didn't know how to make empty rooms… Continue reading Empty words

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Sky’s on fire?

   Nature miracles never cease to amaze me. Look at this sky. I could never do a painting that magic. I'm glad I could capture the moment with a camera. I always get overwhelmed by nature beauty. Every word is to small to describe nature miracles, every feeling is to limited to express the experience… Continue reading Sky’s on fire?