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Dear Santa – Bästa Jultomten

All I want for Christmas is world peace Allt jag önskar mig i julklapp är världsfred Can you help me with that? Kan du hjälpa mig med det? I was thinking we could do this together. Jag tänkte att vi kunde hjälpas åt. You reach over the whole world. Du når ut över hela världen.… Continue reading Dear Santa – Bästa Jultomten

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Swedish Fika

What can I say. We are a bun and cookie loving people who thinks a Swedish Fika can make world peace. All it takes is coffee some tea and lots of buns and cookies 😉 Just watch this: Anna

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Weekend WP pub open!

Here we all meet, as we are, in peace. You drink as much as you want, you will never get drunk or unfriendly. We all meet here to have a nice chat with eachother. If you want some music you can paste a videolink in the comments. If you want something to drink and/or eat,… Continue reading Weekend WP pub open!

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Five years! How did that happen?

And how did these numbers happen? And this stats? But most of all, what amazes me the most, is this map And all the countries on the list that goes with the map A small blog in a corner of Sweden have visitors from so many different countries. I think that is amazing and I… Continue reading Five years! How did that happen?

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World Peace bar

Jim at Random Writings on the Bathroom wall wrote a comment just out of the blue, that got me this idea. His comment: stopping at a pub on the way home? “pling” almost immediately created an image in my head. Of course I stop at a pub on the way home, on the way to… Continue reading World Peace bar