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What a difference a day or two make

Heres how my morning stats often look like. This often happens when I don't have time for interacting as much as I want. This morning the stats looked like this. And I have never seen such numbers so early in the morning before. So, if you have low or high numbers in your stat, never… Continue reading What a difference a day or two make

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Hey! where’s Thumbup?

Have any one of you heard from Thumbup? For the few of you who don't have seen Thumbups gif comments, she's a gif queen here at wp. When she's not around the wp comment fields gets less funny. I do appreciate all your comments, but Thumbup always come up with funny, cute or smart gif… Continue reading Hey! where’s Thumbup?

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Copy OM/Jason!

Noooooo, you shall NOT steal his work or copy his posts and trick people to think they are your posts. But, you can copy OM/Jason in another way. In a good way. I bet one or two of you (or more) have gotten very good help from him in different questions about blogging at wp.… Continue reading Copy OM/Jason!

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Have anyone heard from Melanie?

I miss her and wonder how she's doing. I'm worried. For all of you who knows her, I don't have to say more than that. You will all answer "me too". For all of you who haven't a clue of what I'm talking about. Check out Melanies blog. She's a wonderful writer and she have… Continue reading Have anyone heard from Melanie?

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Welcome to the pub of your dreams

   Here's everyone welcome, all ages. No one gets drunk, we only serve dream drinks, your imagination chooses how they will affect you. No one gets thrown out and now one gets stopped in the doorway, because no one fight and no one is rude. No one needs to sit alone in a corner, if… Continue reading Welcome to the pub of your dreams

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2015 in review

Hey all wp friends! This is all your doing. Thanks so much for building this blog together with me by your reads, likes, comments, reblogs, linkbacks and all other ways you make this blog active and hopefully also interesting. I'm only on wp and no other social media, so these stats figures are big numbers… Continue reading 2015 in review

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How do you catch up?

I'm in constant trouble with finding an organized and not so time consuming way of catching up reading your blogs. Right now with lack of time I do it very randomly and often by clicking the likes notifications in wp app. It's a pretty good way because I get to a section where I can… Continue reading How do you catch up?

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What have I done to deserve this? Meet&greetpost

You may not believe it. But now we are over 700 following this blog! Amazing. I just write and show my art and visit your blogs, like and comment posts and liking comments. That's all there is. I'm not on social media. Just WP. Still over 700 found my blog. You are all very welcome.… Continue reading What have I done to deserve this? Meet&greetpost

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Oh no, not another wp app update!

Anyone who tried the latest wp app update?  What have they "improved" this time? I'm scared, should I download the update or not? Anna   

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The “pling” movement

Jim at Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall has started a "pling" movement, I think. It started with a post of mine were I wrote that I like the "pling" sounds your comments make when my ipad recieve notifications in my wp app. In the comments to that post I found Jims comment which ended… Continue reading The “pling” movement

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Our future Library

This is a book Painting, a Library Painting. But not random books, not the usual Library. This is a very special Library. This is our future Library. This is all of our books, not yet written. This is your dreams of the novel you may write in the future. The one you carry inside your… Continue reading Our future Library

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How do I manage to… in IT-era when I'm from the Digital stoneage? I'm halfway to 300 followers right now. Recently I reached 200. My stats tells me I follow more than 400 hundred blogs and I have about 250 followers. I've also notice that activity on other blogs catches new followers to my blog. Part from trying to… Continue reading How do I manage to…


First post from phone

My ipad has gone mad. Or the bad connection. Or the app. I don't know. I'll be back with a real post with pictures when I can. My ipad app won't let me create a post right now 😦 But I can read your posts and comments, so I'll do that instead 🙂 Anna

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Changed my mind

I have a confession to make. Numbers have effect on me. I didn't thought they have, but they sure do. Every view or un-view, every like or no like, every comment or no comment counts. When I read OMs number and stats post I often think - am I the same or do I think… Continue reading Changed my mind