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Not An Easy Read – Ingen Nöjesläsning

This writing is a different kind of writing than what I usually publish here on the blog. So read if you want and don't read if you don't think we are allowed to yell at people who leave us by own choice. I'm lucky not to be one of those who have to deal with… Continue reading Not An Easy Read – Ingen Nöjesläsning

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Jackie the ripper by Anna B©hlin

Jackie the ripper by Anna B©hlin If you don't read Swedish but still want to read this story, maybe you can try to translate it? Have a nice reading 🙂 Anna Del 1/Part 1 http://www.itrosa.se/sv/article/?i=s7527340999397795 Del 2/Part 2 http://www.itrosa.se/sv/article/?i=s7551586694584495 Del 3/Part 3 http://www.itrosa.se/sv/article/?i=s7579839974447660 Del 4/Part 4 http://www.itrosa.se/sv/article/?i=s7597240991426343

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What can I possibly have written in so many posts?  Have I really that much to say? I hope so, because I'm planning to keep writing posts 🙂 Happy blogging to you all! Anna

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Poem about blogging! I liked it 🙂 Anna Comment   Writing thought’s moments in time within a blog drifting throughout a cyber world written blind.   Into placing those feedback moments questioning why?   There are those whom; have no comment placement?   I for one, desire a need for a change especially, when i… Continue reading Comment

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Why doesn’t anyone comment on my posts?

Great blog tips from OM! I know I said I was “done” writing blogging articles. I wrote this because reading some posts on “blogging” is incredibly painful for me. -OM This is the third most asked question in blogging. It is also the most tricky to answer because there are so many factors, such as… Continue reading Why doesn’t anyone comment on my posts?