I saw a Swedish tv program the other day. It’s a really weird series of thoughts about Swedish history. They make up what if- thoughts. What if x never happened, what would y have been then. I like playing with what if-thoughts, so I like the thought-games they playing in the program. The historical facts are not very reliable, but I don’t watch the show for that.

The latest episode told us about our Swedish “you-reform” from the late 1960’s. We started to say You to everyone instead of Mr, Mrs, Miss, all noble titles and we dropped all work titles too when we spoke to a person. Everyone except the King family we could say You to.

But not every other country followed us in this title loss. That made me think of the question:

Do you think I’m rude to you?

I grew up in the 1970’s, so I never learned the old Swedish way to talk to people. To me everyone is the same and I say You to whoever I talk to. Never talked to our King family, so no, I haven’t been that old fashion politely when I talk to people ever.

But you might live in a country where the Swedish way of talking to people is perceived as rude. I’m sorry if I’m not carry the right politeness in those cases.

This blog reach wordwide and I hope you see me as a nice person even if I have Swedish manner when it comes to titles 🙂

Here you can read more about our You-reform.


If you have access to Swedish tv on the internet, you can se the program here:


If you want to read what the Swedish newspaper writers think about the show, ypu can read this:


Have a great morning, day, evening and night wherever you are!