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Hare – Bunny

If you find it difficult to draw animals you can try what I did. I filled the fields with different patterns and made up a theme for the drawing. I saw a bunny with ears thet looked like feathers and that made me try if I could draw a bunny like this drawing. I didn't… Continue reading Hare – Bunny

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Skarv – Cormorant 

Cormorants often dry their wings so I let clothes dry on the wings too 😉 Skarvar torkar ofta sina vingar, så jag lät hänga några kläder på vingarna och gjorde fjädermönster av klädnyporna 😉 Anna

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Homage to Hopper

At the painting session in with my friends in our painters group Pink Bucket we got a classic paintings challenge from one of the members in the group, Johan Hoflund. He had made post it notes with three words on every note. Then we picked one out of them. I picked the one with the… Continue reading Homage to Hopper

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The most dangerous animal in Sweden

You may have big bears, snakes or tigers in your country that scares you the most. Despite the fact that we have elks, bears an wolves in Sweden, none of them is yhe most dangerous animal. Instead it's a tiny little creature almost invisible that scares us the most. Have you heard of Tick? We… Continue reading The most dangerous animal in Sweden

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Who are you?

The love the rain person or the other? Anna

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Vem äter vem?/Who’s gonna eat who for dinner?

Totem pole with the food chain as a theme. Tailed eagle takes the fish, which made a smaller fish, from below the bird, who also want fish and mink can imagine both poultry and fish, as dinner 🙂 Totempåle med näringskedjan som tema. Havsörnen tar fisken, som tagit en mindre fisk, under ifrån kommer fågeln,… Continue reading Vem äter vem?/Who’s gonna eat who for dinner?

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Truesax 13 februari

I often say, start a painters group with some friends and start painting. But if you do not want to paint you might want to play an instrument. Then you do what Truesax did twenty years ago in Trosa. Start a band and learn how to play. They picked up the saxophones and started to… Continue reading Truesax 13 februari

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Can you hear the sound of "Pling" when your ipad,cellphone or computer call for your attention? Can you hear what your device want to tell you with that "pling"? Do you jump up and down when you hear the "pling"? Or do you sigh over the "plings" everytime they disturb you? I think the "plings"… Continue reading Pling!

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My pling orchestra is playing!

Thank you all for liking and comment my posts. Everytime you do that my ipad goes "pling". It's so nice to hear you're out there. I tried to find a picture that could match this little music post and I found it! Have a nice evening, night or morning wherever you are 😀 Anna   … Continue reading My pling orchestra is playing!

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Puzzle giraffe/Pusselgiraff

What do you think about this creature? Vad tycker ni om denna varelse? Anna       I tried a red field first.

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Zebra cow

   Zebracow Left hand drawing. I'm righthanded, but I sometimes trying to teach my left hand to draw and write too. Anna

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   This is a close neighbour of mine since last summer. He or she lives around our house. We have followed him or her since baby age. As baby hare he or she slept right outside our door. Adorable. His or her ears inspired me to this drawing. Anna   

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Can you draw music?

Is it possible to do a drawing of music? I try now and then. This is from last year after a friend told me a music story. Anna   DJ no. 1?  

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The “pling” movement

Jim at Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall has started a "pling" movement, I think. It started with a post of mine were I wrote that I like the "pling" sounds your comments make when my ipad recieve notifications in my wp app. In the comments to that post I found Jims comment which ended… Continue reading The “pling” movement

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Skarv, varan och säl (500 sek/st)

Vad har skarven gjort förutom att bara vara skarv? Vi människor tycker att den kommer i för stora flockar, förstör öar och tar all fisk. Men vad har skarven gjort annat än att uppfylla just sin uppgift som skarv? Vi människor har ett underligt perspektiv på våra med-arter i naturen. Vi tror att vi kommer… Continue reading Skarv, varan och säl (500 sek/st)