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Hare – Bunny

If you find it difficult to draw animals you can try what I did. I filled the fields with different patterns and made up a theme for the drawing. I saw a bunny with ears thet looked like feathers and that made me try if I could draw a bunny like this drawing. I didn't… Continue reading Hare – Bunny

BlackandWhite family, drawings

Skarv – Cormorant 

Cormorants often dry their wings so I let clothes dry on the wings too 😉 Skarvar torkar ofta sina vingar, så jag lät hänga några kläder på vingarna och gjorde fjädermönster av klädnyporna 😉 Anna

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Homage to Hopper

At the painting session in with my friends in our painters group Pink Bucket we got a classic paintings challenge from one of the members in the group, Johan Hoflund. He had made post it notes with three words on every note. Then we picked one out of them. I picked the one with the… Continue reading Homage to Hopper

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The most dangerous animal in Sweden

You may have big bears, snakes or tigers in your country that scares you the most. Despite the fact that we have elks, bears an wolves in Sweden, none of them is yhe most dangerous animal. Instead it's a tiny little creature almost invisible that scares us the most. Have you heard of Tick? We… Continue reading The most dangerous animal in Sweden

BlackandWhite family, drawings, What ever

Who are you?

The love the rain person or the other? Anna