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Not a fun April 1 joke – inget kul första aprilskämt :(

Today when I was about to charge my ipad batteries iPad crashes! Idag när jag skulle ladda min ipad kraschade den! No fun at all. Everything disappeared. Inget kul alls. Allt försvann. Noooo I didn't copied before crash. I know, it's stupid. But here I am with nothing. I just have to start over. Maybe… Continue reading Not a fun April 1 joke – inget kul första aprilskämt 😦

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Vägval Trosa – Trosa future

På sidan Vägval Trosa kan du läsa yttranden som kommit in till kommunen, som håller på att utforma en Översiktsplan som ska gälla 2020-2025. Har du intresse av att läsa om Trosas möjliga framtid kan jag rekomendera ett besök på Vägval Trosa. At the website Vägval Trosa (it's in Swedish) you can find information about… Continue reading Vägval Trosa – Trosa future

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City planning – Översiktsplan comments – yttrande

Where on earth have I been? Var har jag tagit vägen? I've been occupied by writing comments on our politicians suggestion for city planning. Jag har tagit mog tid att skriva yttrande över våra politikers förslag till Översiktsplan. As an artist I chosed a different way of commenting the plan. I sent my Yanno Dunno… Continue reading City planning – Översiktsplan comments – yttrande

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Trosa framtid 2040? Future for my town 2040?

Jag har skickat in ett delyttrande över min kommuns kommande översiktsplan. I den har kommunen skrivit en vision för kommunen 2040. Jag har en vision som skiljer sig åt och skickade därför in mitt förslag till kommunens politiker och tjänstemän som jobbar med planen. I wrote to municipality politicians about their vision of 2040. My… Continue reading Trosa framtid 2040? Future for my town 2040?

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Help me choose picture – hjälp mig att välja bild :)

I will participate in an exhibition in Spring and I have to choose a picture for the catalog. Jag ska delta i en utställning i vår och jag behöver välja en bild till katalogen där alla utställare presenteras. Which one should I choose? Vilken ska jag välja? One of my pil paintings? En av mina… Continue reading Help me choose picture – hjälp mig att välja bild 🙂

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First blogger ever?

Do you know his name?   He started his blog all alone.   Then he searched and gain one follower.   Slowly he founded more followers.   After a while he gained a whole bunch of followers, who in return recomended many more to follow the first blogger ever.   The blogger wandered his own… Continue reading First blogger ever?

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This is why I’m not on fb

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICng-KRxXJ8 In the early 1980's I saw a movie on tv that I never forgot. It was certainly not an "Oscar-film" in any way. That is not why I remember the movie. It was the content, the message, the lesson about human behavior that got stucked in my head. This memory of the film has… Continue reading This is why I’m not on fb

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Stjärnklara nätter – star nights

Jim wrote a post about night sky with stars. Jim skrev ett inlägg om stjärnklara nätter. That reminded me of this drawing I did with pastels. Det inlägget fick mig att minnas en tavla jag gjorde för några år sedan. Two peole watch the sky. Två människor ser på stjärnhimlen. Anna

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Book about the forest – Skogen en bruksanvisning

I've read a book about the forest. Very interesting book. I think it's available in several languages. Google Peter Wohlleben and you probably will find a book in your language.  We can learn a lot from that book and the book he wrote before that. In Swedish it's called The secret life of trees.  We… Continue reading Book about the forest – Skogen en bruksanvisning

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Look what I found! Kolla vad jag hittade!

I grew up in the seventies and in Sweden that ment two things. This man stopped Sweden when TV broadcasted his down hill races. Everyone watched and wanted him to win. He won a lot. After his races the days could go back to normal again. Of course I got a puzzle like many other… Continue reading Look what I found! Kolla vad jag hittade!

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Another day is dawning – en ny dag gryr

Be the change you wish for. Förändra det du vill förändra.Start the change with a small step. Börja förändringen med ett myrsteg.Then take another small step. Fortsätt sedan med ännu ett litet steg.Continue the change walk and you will one day reach the your goal without even notice it. Vandra många myrateg framåt så når… Continue reading Another day is dawning – en ny dag gryr


Ta en SUP – Take a shot

Today I saw something unusual for the season. We're in the middle of winter. Water is about 4 C. The sea is blank. Almost no wind. Would your first idea be to take a SUP (stand up paddling) tour on the water? I say brrrr! But one man obviously did think the tour was a… Continue reading Ta en SUP – Take a shot

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No 48 drawing in my goals for 2019

About a poet who with her words and music lift people up from their self to heavenly skies and bring light to their dark lives lost in space. Versen handlar om en poetissa som med sina ord och toner lyfter de vilsna i rymdskeppet till himelska höjder. På Litteraturbanken.se kan ni läsa versen 48 från… Continue reading No 48 drawing in my goals for 2019

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Thoughts from Santas head – tankar från tomteluvan

What do you think is on Santas mind these days? Vad tror du tomten tänker på i dessa tider? Anna

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No 47 in my drawing goals for 2019

Still inspired by a Swedish space epos from 1900 century. This verse is about how a person visit the hall with the thougt machine seeking answers to life questions. The machine process the question and out comes...no answer. The machine can't find the answer. Anna