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Dream Big, Dream Often

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Vill du också behålla Trosas natur – Save Trosa nature petition

Nu har ni möjlighet att:

hjälpa nästa generation att få uppleva orörd natur på samma sätt som tidigare generationer.

hjälpa Trosa kommuns ekonomi på fötter genom att föreslå att stryka onödiga vägbyggnadskostnader.

ge er själva chansen att fortsätta ert bullerfria och utsläppsfria friluftsliv i Vitalisskogen, Hungaskogen och naturen på Tureholmshalvön.

kan ni ge oss en klimatsmartare framtid genom att skriva på uppropet Behåll Trosas närnatur istället för att bygga Infart västra Trosa. Du behöver bara ange ditt namn och din epostadress. Epostadressen blir inte synlig i listan av undertecknare.

Save Trosa Nature petition

You can help us save Trosa nature for

future generations. They gonna need it badly if we fail to reach the climate goals.

better municipality economy by stopping the far too expensive road building project

improve your own chances to one day visit beautiful Trosa nature

you can sign our petition Save Trosa nature – don’t build the new big road

The web site is in Swedish. I hope it’s possible to translate for you. All you have to do is leve your name and email address. The email address won’t show in the list of those who signed.

Also read this post if you want.



Friday Afternoon

Nature magic with very much valuable help from Jim. Read the post over at Jims blogg. It’s amazing. Congrats to the success Jim!
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Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


It’s interesting to me to see these little creatures of God’s making sleeping peacefully in the garage.  They’re something so small and totally dependent upon me right now for their safety and well being.  But it’s all good because I wouldn’t allow anything or anyone to hurt them or even attempt to hurt them while they are in my care.  I just give them a little “Shhh” sound and they calm down and go back to sleeping.

I’m sure Miss Leslie is totally right about me imprinting with them since it’s all basic Biology and Psych that you learn in your college and university courses.  I’ll admit that it will hurt a bit to give them up to Rescue but I know it’s for the best and they will be well taken care of.  Maybe something will stay in them and they will fly back to my house some day…

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Graduation season in Sweden

This time of year it’s graduation time in Sweden. When you finished your twelfth school year it’s time to end an era in your young life. Either you decide to study some more and go to university or you take some time to think of what to do next. The second choice often means you have to look for a job to finance your thinking time.

I’m still after almost thirty years still in the thinking period. I still don’t know what to,be when I grow up, so I work for my living and keep thinking.

What did you do after graduation? Or what will you do after graduation?

Here’s some old drawings I have done to some students that ended their twelve years in school and then moved on to next part of life.

And I also did a drawing to a student that did know what she wanted to do after graduation. She become an ambulance nurse. That’s admirable I think. Helping other people is great.

I just noticed something. All my drawings pictures blondes! I can assure you we are not all blondes here in Sweden. It just happens to be that these ones were bright haired 🙂


Does your responsibility ends with your generation?

www.itrosa.se kan ni läsa en insändare som ställer frågor till Trosas politiker kring vilket ansvar de har när de asfalterar våra sista naturområden.

SN.se kan ni läsa en protestinsändare som anmäler att ett upprop mot väg-och exploateringsplanerna kommer att initieras. Läs mer i insändaren:

Nu finns en namninsamling för att behålla Trosas natur. Läs mer här:


For my nonSwedish readers, here come a google translation of my Save Trosa nature text that www.itrosa.se has published.


We live in one of the country’s best municipalities. We have two coastal forests left which ensure water availability and contribute irreplaceable ecosystem services. We live a multitude of outdoor activities there through fungal picking, MTB, terrain rides, horse riding, bird watching, orientation, hiking, swimming and other activities that promote good health.

I think tomorrow’s climate-smarter generation will stop counting time gains and refuse fossilcar commuting by creating non-commute work, noise-free environments and emission-free transports that do not need new roads.

They will use tax money for projects that do not violate climate goals and measure growth in quality rather than quantity.

They do not want the future that today’s ruling politicians are now planning for them.

The politicians in Trosa intend to carry out a road project with the ongoing exploitation of our last coastal forests. The project does not solve experienced traffic problems, does not meet the climate targets and the road is not economically profitable.

Nature conservation authorities refuse to carry out environmental impact assessments and the project will charge taxpayers substantially both economically and environmentally.

They say that road and exploitation are needed for growth, even though they are already planning other exploitation that far exceeds decided growth targets.

So far, our population increase has resulted in increased strain on economics, schools, care, care for the elderly and large-scale public areas of nature have disappeared for the citizens. It is unclear when the promised profits according to their growth plans will come. The arguments of politicians are similar to lottery. Buy more bets, increasing your winning chances.

Our citizens are without real opportunities to influence even though our coastal forests, ecosystem services and health promotion outdoor values ​​are disappearing.

I wonder how Sweden will achieve the climate goals when the authorities, who specify how climate goals are to be achieved, do not follow them, but instead grant climate-friendly projects.

I wonder if it’s democratic to leave citizens without the opportunity to influence when it comes to projects that threaten our health and the environment.

To every politician in Trosa who wants to build new ways and exploit, I have following questions:

How will you explain your involvement in asphalting our last natural areas? Does your responsibility end with your own generation? What do you think your descendants want to prioritize?

When the next generation can vote, it’s too late! Let them decide what’s most important; natural areas or a few minutes’ time gain.

Do you really believe that extreme heat and water shortage nowadays is a temporary phenomenon?

You do not lose your face by stopping the project, instead, you win the next generation’s admiration for the courage to end the emission era.

Anna Bohlin

Please let me know what you think about the text. Is it a Save nature text or not? Is it hard to read, boring or really bad in other ways? I tried to get feedback from Save Trosa nature people, but very few of them answered, so I have no idea if it’s a good or bad text. Some said fantastic and others said well you know…and so on.

You are all wise people so maybe you can tell me 🙂

If you want to sign a petition to save Trosa nature read more here



Could this work? Save the planet part 1

Maybe this drawing idea will be a series of drawings. We’ll see how it goes.

This season we will try a different approach to the mow lawn issue. We go for the green alternative as a try. So far the experience has been good. You should try it. It’s fun actually if you like fresh air, no noicy environment and some exercise without really thinking about it and no messy petrol filling.

There’s other ways to save the planet, I know, but every little thing we do in the right direction will be a big change eventually. 

Do you have a save the planet idea? Please tell us. I might do a drawing of the idea if you let me.


Coal boat – kolbåt?

I made this drawing with coal crayon. Denna bild gjorde jag med kolkrita.

It was fun but dusty. Det var kul men dammigt.


Göta kanal-båt Summer tour boats

Ett säkert sommartecken dök upp utanför Trosa häromdagen.

Göta kanalbåtarna har börjat sina turer igen och de passerar Trosa skärgård. Förr gick de in till Trosa hamn, men det har de slutat med tror jag att döma av deras resväg på hemsidan.

Summer is her in Sweden when the Göta canal boats starting their tours through middle of Sweden. They pass by Trosa archipelago. You can read more about the tours on their webbsite.

I think the boats are old beauties. Just look at this. I think they are about hundred years old and still going. That’s pretty impressive.


Veteranbilar i Trosa – Old cars in Trosa

Sommaren har börjat i Trosa. Det innebär att vi kan se veteranbilar i Trosa varje torsdagkväll.

Summer is back in Trosa. That means old car nights in the old parts of Trosa. They cruise along the streets and meet in west harbour area.

veteranbilar i trosa 2018

And of course, I did a painting of this event some years ago.

Visst har jag gjort en målning av denna återkommande händelse. För några år sedan gjorde jag denna målning.

Läs mer om veteranbilsträffarna på

Read more about the old car nights at



It’s sharing time – ännu fler delningar

My post Give the next generation a good start have until now 38 fb shares. I usually have zero or maybe one or two shares in Save Trosa nature posts. Not this time. Maybe people start to realize what we will loose if we allow politicians to erase nature entirely.

Mitt inlägg Ge nästa generation en bra start har fått ännu fler delningar sedan sist. Vi är uppe i 38 fb-delningar så här långt. Jag har 0-2 delningar på några få poster vanligtvis. Kanske har fler börjat inse vad vi kommer att gå miste om när politikerna utan att fråga oss raderar ut hela vår kvarvarande natur, som även i framtiden helst ska försörja oss med vatten, luftrening och plats för friluftsliv.

Några av de kända delningarna kommer här:
Some of the sharings I know about:

Mötesplats 0156

Fb-sidan Forum 0156 (sluten grupp)

Utveckla Trosa utan förbifart

And many more have shared the post:
Och många fler har delat inlägget:


Thank you all for helping us spread this Save Trosa nature message.
Tack alla ni som hjälper till att sprida budskapet om att behålla Trosas kvarvarande natur till framtidens generation.


Åtta glas – eight glasses

What do you want to fill these glasses with?

Vad vill du fylla dessa glas med?


Prep for June 6 2018

Tomorrow it’s the National Day in Sweden. So I did some Swedish flag cookies today. Our flag looks like this 🇸🇪 and my cookies look like this

I could have used more blueberries in the blue parts, but this was the first time I tried to make flag cookies. So I practice and learn to my next try.

What do you do on your national day?


Hey yesterday I was six years old!

Can you believe it?

It’s been six year since some of us first met here at our nice kittle blog corner of the world. Then we have became a huge number of friends here. It’s so nice to see you all here. I wish I could hang out here more often visiting your blogs. I try the best I can to check up on you now and then though.

Don’t wish your blog to grow if you don’t have endlessy with blogtime. It’s very nice with all followers and other visitors but it takes enormous time to visit all bloggers that likes your post and leave comments. I want to do that, but don’t always have time. 

If you do want to grow your blog I have only one thing to say: INTERACT! That’s the nicest and the fun way to griw a blog. You meet so many nice and wise people around the world.

Happy blog birthday to all of us. This blog isn’t just my work, it’s your work as well.

Wp pub is now open for celebrating the six fun blog years so far. May it be many more for us all.

I start with this song

What’s our next song? Paste a youtubelink in the comments and we hopefully have music going all the time.

Congratulations to us all!


What’s happening? Vad pågår?

I wrote a post about what I have sent in to the new big road building authorities.

Jag gjorde ett inlägg som visade de synpunkter jag lämnat in till Trafikverket beträffande det storslagna vägprojektet Infart västra Trosa.

Det inlägget spred sig, vilket ni kan läsa om i Inlägget sprider sig.

That post spread to a Save Trosa Nature page. You can read about it in the post It’s spreading.

Now the local digital newspaper has published my text. You can read it in Swedish at www.itrosa.se

Nu har den lokala nättidningen itrosa.se också fångat upp texten och publicerat den som en insändare. Ni kan läsa den artikeln på www.itrosa.se

I haven’t earned all this nice attention myself. The hard work, looking for facts about the project and the climat impact is many peoples work and you can find more information about that at:

Jag har inte förtjänat all denna positiva respons på egen hand. Många har arbetat hårt med att under flera års tid studerat fakta kring projektet och hämtat information om klimatmålen. Ni kan läsa mer på Vägval i Trosas sida:

What’s happening? Vad pågår?
Idag såg jag 18 fb delningar på inlägget Ge nästa generation en bra start.

Det är jättemycket för att vara denna blogg eftersom jag inte är med i fb. Tack alla ni okända som delat inlägget! Jag ser inte vilka ni är och tackar er så här istället.

Today I saw 18 fb shares on the post Give the next generation a good start.

That’s a huge number for this blog. I’m not a part of fb. Thanks to all of you who shared the post. I don’t now who you are, but thank you anyway 🙂


It’s spreading – Inlägget sprider sig

Mitt inlägg om insända synpunkter till Trafikverket om en kommande klimatsmart generation har spridit sig.

Titta in på fb-sidan Utveckla Trosa utan förbifart och gilla inlägget om du också vill stödja en klimatsmart framtid.

Vill du också dela inlägget är du välkommen att göra det. Vi behöver alla hjälpas åt att rädda vår planet från miljömarodörer som inte vill ge den kommande klimatsmarta generationen en bra start.
My post about the climat smart generation is spreading to the fb page Utveckla Trosa utan förbifart (save Trosa nature theme).

If you want to support Save Trosa nature movement, please stop by the fb page and give the shared post a like if you’re on fb. I’m not so you won’t find me there. I’m over here at wp if you want to leave a comment or a like 🙂

If you want to share the post, please feel free to do so if you want to help us save Trosa nature.

Sharing is caring as Danny use to say 🙂