One of Dannys funny posts got me remembering the good old days when I was young(er).

So, that got me thinking. We probably all have some game memories from different stages of our lives.

I remember the really big kids haven the Commdore 64 games. We were to young to get such devices. But I do remember when the Atari TV games arrived in my home. That was awesome. The brilliant tennis game of just to lines as players and a dot moving on the screen. The Asteroids and Pacman.

Then the first Game & Watch devices were high priority on the wishing lists. Donkey Kong and a Mickey Mouse game where he should catch eggs.

Then the tetris era came and somewhere after I lost track of game development. I watched Super Mario from a distance and tried to play and understand that a few times. But I remember the sounds! All of them.

So I revealed my age in some way here. What game era are you from? Do you remember the sounds or the characters from your favorite game?

One of Thumbups posts inspired me to find this video in combination with the game talking.

This is NOT a good way to drive! But it is a great song from the Swedish band The Cardigans 🙂

And for you who don’t hear the music, here’s a lyric version, but then you miss the car driving action. See both videos if you want to know what the song’s about.