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#inktober 7-9

I hope you all hade a nice weekend. Here's three days #inktober drawings #inktober 7 - trip #inktober 8 - match #inktober 9 - nest If you want to draw #inktober challenge here's the prompt list Anna

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Valmanifest – Election manifest

SvD har inför valet publicerat valmanifest som ledarredaktionens skribenter har författat. De speglar vad som rör sig i mångas tankar inför valet. Jag provade att skriva ett eget valmanifest och så här lyder det. One of our big Swedish newspaper SvD has written election manifestos as a way to show what people think our politicians… Continue reading Valmanifest – Election manifest

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Boats check – Båtkoll i Trosa

At you can take a look at guest sailboats at Trosa Harbor all summer. It's so fun watching the boat pictures and read about them. The blog is in Swedish but maybe you can translate if you want to read the text. The pictures says much without words so maybe you enjoy the boat… Continue reading Boats check – Båtkoll i Trosa

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Debattartikel om Tureholmshalvön – Letter to editor about saving Trosa nature

The local newspaper has published a letter to editor about saving Trosa nature. One of the writers is me :)You can read the translated text below after the swedish version.SN har publicerat en debattartikel om att rädda Trosas natur. Jag tillhör en av undertecknarna :)Besök gärna för att läsa och tycka till om inlägget.Om… Continue reading Debattartikel om Tureholmshalvön – Letter to editor about saving Trosa nature

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Andy and Anna peace movement?

I found an old post from 2017. We did not know back then what's happening today. A comments thread that maybe went wild? You can read the post and the comments to get a picture of what happened. Here's the link. This is the comments that made me create an image in my head… Continue reading Andy and Anna peace movement?