Stoneface – stenansikte

It’s fun painting on rocks. 

Det är kul att måla på sten.

Everyone can do it. Just find rocks and let your fantasy flow.

Alla kan måla på sten. Leta rätt på stenar och låt fantasin flöda.



Chalk fishes – fiskar med gatukritor

I will never grow up. This is fun!


I’m not an angel

I followed Thumbups “check this out message” in this post:

And guess what! I’m no angel, I’m like this:

“Lost in the dark corridors of your mind, you’re moderately psychopathic. You’ve always been unique and misunderstood by your peers. You were most likely bullied at some point by those that simply couldn’t appreciated your unique perspective on life. You sometimes live in a completely different reality and exhibit abnormal and anti-social behaviors. Let’s face it, sometimes you’re down right creepy. However, you’re only moderately psychopathic. You’re inner darkness is balanced out by your incredible intelligence and creativity. So, stop collecting dead stuff and make some art! You’ll be famous!”

That was a surprise. I know I’m no angel. But I just thought I was weird and uncommon, but this….no I didn’t expected that.

What do you think? Should I believe the result or should I keep laughing at the result?



Paint on rocks Julaftons fyr Trosa archipelago


One of The town Trosa’s most painted and photographed subject. The lighthouse called Christmas eve in Trosa archipelago.

Ett av Trosas mest avbildade motiv. Julaftons fyr i Trosa skärgård.
Nu har jag förevigat fyrvaktarstället på sten som snökula 🙂

En utmaning att måla på tredimensionella ytor, som egentligen inte alls motsvarar verklighetens räta linjer. Men resultatet ser rätt kul ut med sina krumbuktiga former.

Pröva gärna att måla på sten själva. Väldigt kul.


Paint on rocks and give them to friends

I say it again, paint on rocks is fun.
This rock I gave to friends last Christmas. I painted their house in winter landscape.

They appreciated the gift. No one else had painted their house on a stone before.



A little spooky

I read Melanies post about her beloved cat, that passed away. Her writing made me cry and I couldn’t get her story out of my head.

I don’t have any cats and dogs because of allergies, but I can understand that losing such friends is like losing family members. Only with the difference that they walked on four legs instead of two.

Then I realized I have one cat. A rock cat that one of my sisters painted. It almost look like Melanies cat. That’s spooky, I think. Go read Melanies post and check out the cat photo and you will see.

Have a great Sunday 🙂



E.T. is back?

A couple of years ago I found an E.T. stone. It was shaped as his head.
I tried do put some color on the stone to make it look even more like him.

Since then he has a place in our garden by the sea, keeping his eyes on us.

He’s out all year long, so wind, rain and snow has taken some of his color away.

What do you think?


E.T. As a rock 😉

Three little angels/Tre små änglar

Paint on stones is really fun. In these stones I found three little angels.
Måla på sten roar mig mycket. I dessa stenar fann jag tre små änglar.



Why are you so nice to me?

I often get that question, when I’m nice to people.

The question implies that it’s an effort to be nice. Or that I give something up, when I’m nice to any one. It implies that niceness can’t be free.

But it is free to be nice. It’s very easy to be nice to people. It’s being mean and narrow that costs enery and effort. I think.

The question also content surprise. The questioner seems to be surprised over the niceness. They can’t find any particular reason for me to be nice to them.

You don’t need reasons to be nice. Niceness should always be free.

I can’t help being nice to people. It’s so easy and it makes my surroundings nicer. When I’m nice to people I very often get niceness in return. That’s nice 😉

So, try for your self. Be nice even though your not find a particular reason to be nice. Just do it every day. Being nice where people least expect niceness. You will se a change, I think.


Me 😉

Little Anna and the Tall Uncle

When I was a child (I,m still a child, but really, really old child) I read or my parents read books to me about Little Anna and the Tall Uncle. I thought it was someting with that Anna character. She had the same name as me.
A couple of years ago, one of my sisters did a wooden sculpture of a branch that looked like the Tall Uncle, so I found a rock that looked like little Anna.

I painted them and they now look like this.

If you want to know more about Little Anna and the Tall Uncle you can se pictures and read about them here:

Lilla Anna och Långa farbrorn – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

lilla anna och långa farbrorn – Sök på Google


Lilla Anna och Långa farbrorn

Lilla Anna och Långa farbrorn

Heart of stone?

It’s okay when stones shapes hearts. But when humans turn their hearts into stones. Then it’s not okay, or is it?

Att stenar formar sig till hjärtan har jag inget emot, men när vi människor formar våra hjärtan till sten, då börjar jag fundera på om vi gör rätt.



Pink elephant/Rosa elefant

One day I found a rock that looked like a pink elephant. Well, I thought, I picked it up and see if I could paint the stone so it looked even more like an elephant. The stone was pinkish, so I didn’t have to use much color at all. Just some lines and shadows here and there. 
En dag hittade jag en sten, som likande en rosa elefant. Jag tog hem den och målade fram elefanten helt enkelt. Stenen hade redan en rosa ton. Jag har förstärkt några linjer och skuggat några partier bara.


See you ;)


Ögonstenar/Paint on rocks is fun

I found stones that looked like eyes, nose and mouth and I simply painted them. Paint on rocks is fun. You should try it!

Jag hittade stenar som jag kunde måla ögon, näsa och mun på. Måla på sten rekommenderar jag er att pröva. 


Be my angel :)

Today I have absloutely nothing to say. Or I have a lot to say, but I don’t have the time. Can you please help me filling this post with content? Leave a comment or two and we can get this post started.

You can write whatever you want as long it’s nice things. Don’t be rude. This is an art blog that tries to share the joy of creativity. If you’ve been here before then you know the atmosphere 🙂

Be my angel today and save me from stress by filling this post with interesting and fun content 🙂

Inspiration to this post comes from Melanies post:




My watchdog :)

Paint on rocks are fun. This was tricky, but the stone turned out to be a dog finally.