Gnällspiken och hans behårade fästing – The grumpy one and his furry tick

Jag har läst en rolig och tänkvärd bok med härligt humoristiska och skickliga teckningar. Om du inte har vägarna förbi Gnesta eller Trosa bokhandel kan du hitta Olle Qvennerstedts bok Gnällspiken även här till exempel.

I’ve read a great book with humour and thoughtful excellent drawings. It’s in Swedish, but at the writer and illustrators blog you can find drawings in english.

You can also visit
and check out Olle Qvennerstedt’s beautiful paintings.

We need drawings like in this book and at Olle’s blog, in this crazy world we all live in.



Herregud & co (Deargod & co)

This is a little book that lighten up my day everyday. My family got it as a present and this present last everyday as long as we live. 

Everyday it’s new wise or funny words worth thinking of.

Most days it’s Swedish text, but some days are in English. This one is a Dalai Lama quote.

The books name Herregud & co is created by Royne Mercurio.

If you want to see more you can check out the fb page herregudco

I think you find Swedish, English und Deutch texts there if you scroll down the page.


Mannen som planterade träd The man who planted trees

I read a wonderful classic litte story the other day about The man who planted trees by Jean Giono.

Här om dagen läste jag en underbar liten historia som ger hopp om att varje liten människas gärning kan göra stora goda underverk.

Boken heter Mannen som planterade träd, författare Jean Giono.

Original title: L’homme qui plantait des arbres

The story so clearly shows that one human being can do great things without great resources. Helping nature can never be wrong and this man in the story shows how we can be nice to nature and humans at the same time. It´s a story made up, but it could be real. It´s possible to achieve such greatness if we want to.

He devoted his life to plant trees and after many years he had created an enviroment that people could live in again. The trees gave people water again.

In my area people, well politicians and people hungry for money mostly, thinks trees are useless. They´re not!


Sommarläsning Summer reading

På sommaren kan du ligga i hängmattan och läsa en god saga.

Pröva med Sagan om en onödig väg om en trios sannolika framfart i en liten stad. Länken innehåller hela sagan. Läs och dela den gärna vidare 🙂

Den kan både ge dig skratt och eftertanke i lagom doser. Den kan också hjälpa dig att upptäcka de Ville, Valle och Viktor du har i ditt område.

Summer is a good time for reading stories. I have a suggestion.

The tale of an unnecessary road about Yanno Dunno and Victor. The link contains the whole story for free 🙂

It’s a fun story and one that maybe leave you with thoughts.

It’s not only in my town the politicians plans new big unnecessary roads. It happens at Leslies place too.

As Sonofabeach96 says in a comment on another post about destroying nature for building new big roads

“If unsure about their motivations, just follow the money. Simple as that. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional, I’m afraid. Sad, indeed. 😕”

Read the story if you haven’t already. You might learn how to discover your Yanno, Dunno and Victors at your place.



Sagan har spridit sig till – The tale continue to spread

Titta! har uppmärksammat sagan om Ville Valle och Viktor

ITrosa är en nättidning som på ett mycket trevligt sätt rapporterar om Trosahändelser, så besök gärna sidan och läs mer om Trosa. Besök också tidningens fb-sida om ni vill ge artikeln ett gilla.

Look! My tale has spread to a local newspaper on internet. At you’ll find many articles about events in Trosa. Give it a read. It’s in Swedish though. If you eant to give the article a like, please visit the fb page itrosa and leave a like.

Vill du ocskå sprida sagan till dina läsare får du gärna göra det. Berätta gärna vart den hamnar.

If you want to share the tale too, please tell us about it and let us knoe where we find the reblog or linkback.


The tale is spreading again 

Thomas at aspiblog


has shared the tale about an unnecessary road at

Sharing is caring, so thank you very much Thomas 🙂

You can read the whole story here

In Swedish, Ville Valle och Viktor

In English, Yanno Dunno and Victor

And please stop by Aspiblog and look at beautiful Scotland photos. 


Omgiven av psykopater – Surrounded by psychopaths

Thomas Erikson har skrivit en utmärkt faktabok Omgiven av psykopater, som tydligt förklarar fenomenet psykopater och personer med psykopatiska drag. Har du den hårda vägen lärt dig vad den persontypen kan göra mot dig och andra kommer du nicka igenkännande genom hela boken och faktiskt finna bekräftelse för att det inte är du som är galen utan den som försöker få dig att tro att du har fel och hen har rätt.

Om fler av oss lär att känna igen den persontypen skulle färre personer med detta drag inte lyckas ställa till med så stor skada som de faktiskt gör. Den här boken kan lära dig något om att försöka känna igen de klassiska varningstecknen. Men jag skulle nog säga att du inte kommer lära dig att känna igen typen förrän du själv blir drabbad av en sådan på ett eller annat sätt.

Det är som att försöka slåss med Darth Vader utan Jedi-krafter och lasersvärd. Ingen tror på att du i verkligheten slåss mot sådana illasinnade krafter och ingen tror på att din fantasimotståndare faktiskt vill förgöra dig. Nästan ingen, utom de som känner till persontypen och vet vad det innebär att möta en sådan motståndare.

Läs boken om du också vill lära dig att upptäcka trubbel i god tid så att du i bästa fall kan göra något åt det innan du står med maktlöshetens känsla och tror att du börjar bli galen på riktigt.

Jag har gjort en teckning på en narcissist. De jobbar på samma sätt som psykopater, men psykopaterna är miljoner gånger värre. De är helt beroende av din hjälp för att nå sina mål. Är du villig att hjälpa dem eller vill du stötta den som psykopaten vill åt?

The Swedish author Thomas Erikson has written a book about how to recognize psychopaths and how to avoid them. They can really mess up your life if they show up without you knowing it. They cause great damage and it often takes very long time to sort things out and get back to normal if ever reaching there.

The fast way to learn about this kind of person is to be up against one. That’s no fun at all, but if you do and learn how they work you will forever recognise that type.

It’s like trying to fight Darth Vader without having Jedi-powers and laser sword. No one will believe that you’re up against such dark power and no one will realise that someone is after you with bad intentions.

I don’t know if the book is available in your language, but you can read more about the book here:

I have a drawing of a narcissist. Psychopaths work the same way but millions times worse. They are totally depending of your cooperation. Will you help them or the ones they will destroy? That’s up to you 🙂


Vargarnas tid Wolves time

I read a book about pure braveness among ordinary people. The story could be about any time and any place. This particular book takes place during the Second World War. It’s a story about dark sides of our history but also a fairy tale love story in some way. Sure, the book is about people but also about some wolves fighting the same war as humans and a very brigt and brave raven. I read the book because it takes place in a nearby area and I know the author usually writes good stories. It was also interesting to read about a time in Sweden not long ago but so different from now.

Sweden families took care of many children from Finland during the war and many of them stayed here after the war. Today they’re old and wise of a whole life lived in a different place than the original parents probably had in mind back then. I think they probably still carry a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to their destinies. Today a lot of children around the world are forced to find new places to live if they want to stay alive. So we still haven’t find a way to live peaceful on this earth. We are not the smartest species on the planet!

You can read more about the book in English here.

Du kan läsa mer om Vargarnas tid av Elisabeth Nemert här.

I don’t know if the book is translated to English, but the Swedish version Vargarnas tid by Elisabeth Nemert you can find here.

If you don’t want to know anything more about the book until you read it yourself, then stop reading now!

For those of you who continue to read. This is a showstopper in the book. At least for me it was.
The book tells about brave people who have the guts to say -No this is not okay! And they also do something trying to stop the evil madness. I hope I have that braveness but I don’t know if I have. I don’t think you know that until you experience a moment when you have to choose.

The showstopper part of the book is about an old legend.

“In every man lives two ancient wolves. They have lived there since the beginning of time and they’re constantly fighting for power of the beating heart. One of them carry the name Fear and Hate and the other one Love and trust.

Which of the wolves win?

The answer is….

The one we feed”

And in Swedish

So which wolf do you feed?


The hidden life of trees – Trädens hemliga liv

Peter Wohlleben has written a wonderful book about trees. The hidden life of trees. Trees are like us, only slower and probably wiser too. When you read this book you will forever realize that trees will save us if we save the forests.

Peter Wohlleben har skrivit en underbar bok om träd. Trädens hemliga liv. Träd lever som vi människor gör fast mer långsamt och antagligen även mer klokt. När du har läst den här boken kommer du för alltid att förstå att träden kommer att rädda oss om vi låter skogarna växa ifred.


More tree drawings

Heading North For Christmas

Searching for Christmas present? You might just find it here. For comments visit original post/Anna

City Jackdaw

In a couple of days, my poetry collection Heading North, (Nordland Publishing), will be a year old. I may celebrate this, even have a little cake and wear a hat.

The blurb reads:

Heading North is a collection of poems arranged in a deliberate order to take us on a journey where we travel from the childhood and youth of summer in the South to the mortality-facing winter of the North. ‘We ride in the wake of glaciers, leaving behind the sunshine straits. North, north, always north, heading into midnight.’

It has garnered some great reviews, all of which I’m thankful for. Here are a couple of excerpts:

‘In short, there is real poetry to be found in this first collection of Murray’s work and a depth of pleasure to be gained from its reading that is all too often only notable by its absence in the work of many…

View original post 125 more words

Imagine a Day

When I did a post about a photobook Imagine by Erik Johansson, Sheldon commented the post and mentioned a book he remembered. Imagine a Day by Sarah L. Thomson, Robert Gonsalves.

Now I got it and it’s a lovely book!

Fantastic paintings and beautiful words. I will read this book many times and learn from the paitings.

If I haven’t had a blog, made a post about another book and not reading the comments, then I never would have known about this book.

Blogging is a wonderful thing when we all cooperate 😉


Read my December story!

Read my Christmas story that starts today December 1. 

In Swedish it’s called Du finns, in English that’s like You are. The story is about how important it is for everyone to feel the are allowed to participate and be seen. That goes for both young and adults.

Check out this link.

In the comments you find the English text if you can’t read Swedish.

For you who was following this blog last year, yes, this is a rerun of last years story.

Every day you will find a new chapter that blog. Happy reading.

Let me know what you think 🙂


3 Things I Learned from Self-Publishing – A Guest Post by Linda G. Hill

This was interesting read. For comments please visit original post/Anna

Pojken min/My son

A friend of mine has written a book. I’ve read it with joy and also with sorrow.

With joy because my friend has written a good and important book. With sorrow because of the destiny for the head character woman Olga.

The story is partly true and partly fiction, but it doesn’t matter which is which. The story takes place when Greta Garbo get world famous.

It’s a story about a young woman marrying one of those hopeless narcissists.

She’s an artist in her soul and starts to make beautiful hats. But when she’s married she moves to a place with no hope of creative work. She get stuck at home with her beloved son, the only light in her life. The husband constantly promising a better life soon, year after year, but he does nothing to make it happen. He drinks too much instead and pay no attention at all to his wife.

This life situation drives the woman literary mad and she end up in a mental hospital. No one understands what she needs there either, but after a while some people do and the light is starting to come back in her life.

I won’t tell you the rest. Some of you might want to read for your selves. It’s only printed in Swedish for now and you can find it at Trosa bokhandel, Trosa bookstore.

The author is Margareta Arnedotter Jansson.

When I read the book it took me about two seconds to recognize the becoming husband in the book as a narc. I kind of knew what was gonna happen.

A high sensitive artist soul can never live and breathe with narcs around without going under. But somehow narcs can spot this high sensitive persons miles away and trick them into falling in love with them.

But only once. If you see through a narc, you will see through them all. And you will forever avoid them. That’s something good after all.

If you happen to find the book my friend has written, I recommend a read.


Swedish Archipelago 

Andys post about the Archipelago between Finland and Sweden made me think of the Swedish writer Hjalmar Söderberg who wrote a different description of the Archipelago. From the excellent novel Doctor Glas.

It goes like this in Swedish:

“Jag tycker inte så mycket om varken bekanta eller villor eller skärgården. Framför allt inte skärgården. Ett landskap hackat till kalops. Små holmar, små vatten, små bergknallar och små mariga träd. Ett blekt och fattigt landskap, kallt i färgen, mest grått och blått, och likväl inte fattigt nog att äga ödslighetens storhet. När jag hör människor berömma skärgårdens vackra natur misstänker jag alltid att de har helt andra saker i tankarna, och vid närmare undersökning visar det sig nästan alltid att misstanken bekräftas. Den ena tänker på den friska luften och de sköna baden, den andra på sin segelbåt och den tredje på abborrarna, och allt detta går för dem under rubriken vacker natur.”(Hjalmar Söderberg, Doktor Glas)

You can find the book here:

And in English (google translated)

I do not know much about either acquaintances or villas, or the archipelago. Especially not the archipelago. A landscape hacked to beef stew. Small islands, small water, small hillocks and small stunted trees. A pale and poor landscape, cold in color, mostly gray and blue, and yet not poor enough to own desolation greatness. When I hear people praise the archipelago’s beautiful nature, I suspect always that they have totally different things in mind, and on closer examination it turns out almost always the suspicion is confirmed. One thinks of the fresh air and the beauty of the baths, the other on his sailboat and the third on the perch, and all this going for them under the heading of natural beauty (Hjalmar Söderberg, Doctor Glas)

You can find the book in English here:

And in Spanish (google translated)

No sé mucho acerca de cualquiera de los conocidos o casas de campo, o el archipiélago. En especial, no archipiélago. Un paisaje cortado en estofado de ternera. Las islas pequeñas, agua pequeña, pequeñas lomas y pequeños árboles achaparrados. Un paisaje pálido y pobres, frío en el color, en su mayoría de color gris y azul, y sin embargo no lo suficientemente pobres para poseer la grandeza desolación. Cuando escucho a la gente elogia la hermosa naturaleza del archipiélago, siempre sospecho que tienen cosas totalmente diferentes en mente, y un examen más minucioso resulta que casi siempre se confirma la sospecha. Uno piensa en el aire fresco y la belleza de los baños y la otra en su velero y el tercero en la percha, y todo esto a su favor en concepto de belleza natural

You can find the book in Spanish here:
Me, I love the Swedish Archipelago 🙂