Finding time

What would you do if you found a treasure chest filled with time?


No 25 drawing in my goals for 2017

My drawing journey continues through space. The space ship course is undefined. They lost the steer ability and are headed to unknown destiny. They don’t hurt Mother Earth anymore but they will probably never find a new home since the spaceship is broken.

Some of you may notice the steering gear symbol. I wanted to illustrate infinity.

My inspiration to this weird drawings comes from a Swedish space epos written in the middle of the 1900 century. The poems are still very up to date, so I want to continue this drawing journey till the last word. I plan to do about 103 drawings. I’m on no 26 now. It’s still a long way to the finish drawing.


Cake week starts today in Sweden

…at least I call it Cake week.

The official name is Womens week or Ladies week. The week starts with the namesday of Fredrik, then follows six days with womens namedays.

One tradition this week is to make cakes for each and every one of the names.

Another tradition this week is that it often seems to be a really rainy week. That’s not going to happen this year I think, even if I hope we get some rain. The blueberries and the mushrooms need rain to grow.

So, this week everyone is allow to eat and bake cake I say 🙂

Burn calories another week.


Sharing is caring…

…for saving nature.

My recent post about Save Trosa nature has spread to the fb page Mötesplats 0156.

If you’re on fb and want to support the Save Trosa nature movement, please visit the fb page and leave a like or even a comment. 

If we’re many we can win over politicians that thinks money that goes to one big landowner’s pocket is more important than to preserve nature that everyone has access too. 


Can you give me some favourite movies?

Right outside Trosa city there’s a wonderful place called Lagnö gård. At that place there’s a hostel Lagnö Studio and also a mini cinema where guests at the hostel and those who live in the area can watch movies every two weeks in Winter and Spring.

I have become a little helper at that mini cinema and now it’s time to find some good films to show during the coming winter.

Do you have any suggestions of good films that we can show to the audience?

We show both Swedish and foreign movies, so every suggestions is interesting.


We did it :)

The new view record

That’s thanks to all of you who have visit the blog lately.

It’s also because I got some help from friends that shared some posts on fb.

I normally have zero from fb. I’m not on fb myself so that means very little sharing through that channel.

The number of views also comes from more posting than normal.

I post one or two times a day and some days I don’t post at all, so five new post or reblogs will increase the number of views.

So, the new stat record is not my doing, it’s all our doing by being interactive here in the blogosphere. 

Thank you for being here with me. It’s so nice and fun to speak to you all and reading your blogs 🙂


Here Are 10 Things I Stopped Doing That Made Me Happier

Great advice from Danny! I actually did the same in some way and I don’t regret the change one little bit. It’s a work in progress that started long time ago for me. I’m a slow thinker and doer sometimes 😉
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Dream Big, Dream Often

Danny's iphone 022A few years back I made some drastic changes. In 2013 I decided enough-was-enough and I went through a revolution of my mind and habits. Here are a few of the things that I stopped doing which made me a happier person:

  1. I stopped blaming others for my underachieving.
  2. I stopped complaining
  3. I stopped comparing myself to others
  4. I stopped trying to be right all the time
  5. I stopped talking to myself like I was a villain
  6. I stopped allowing myself to make excuses
  7. I stopped watching television
  8. I stopped allowing my mind to be limited
  9. I stopped wishing for change
  10. I stopped waiting on life to happen for me

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Förbifartsinfon även på fb

Mötesplats 0156 kan du sätta ditt “gilla”-spår om du vill ge stöd till försöken att få politikerna att förstå att projekt förbifart är onödigt och bör avbrytas.

On The fb page Mötesplats 0156 you can give your like mark if you want to support the Save Trosa nature movement. We try to convince the politicians to not build a big new road through grand nature.

I would give the post on fb a like, but I’m not on fb 🙂

I rather hang out here on wp with you all. 


Now they are four

My idiot project is one little dog further. I think you all know how many I have left. This is a completely useless project, but it is fun to crotchet and it’s an idiot challenge that amuses me.

I know, I’m a weirdo 😉


No 24 drawing in my goals for 2017

My drawings with inspiration from a Swedish space epos continue. This one is about how the spaceship drifting towards an end in winds of time, anxiety and remembering earth. The ship that will be a sarcophagus, will end up like a moth in a star.


We need more Yodas in the world…

…so I crochet one

I used one of Mia Bengtsons pattern from her first book and changed the colors and added the Yoda things.


Power bank

This is one of my soul power banks 🙂

Nature always gives me new energy 

What’s your power bank?


Did I win or did I lost?

Last week I bought some strawberries at the street market. I pass by almost every day but when I want some strawberries I stop and buy some. 

In our town we often say Hi to the people we meet weather we know them or not. That gives a nice atmosphere in the city, or village may be more correct to say about our little town. That habit also (for me) means that I want to be able to face people I say Hi to almost every day without guilty feelings.
Last week when I bought some strawberries it was a stressful time for the strawberries salesman and he sold the strawberries too cheap without knowing it. It was the day before midsummer holiday and everyone wants strawberries then, so they had much to do that day selling strawberries.

This week when I stopped by for another buy of strawberries I said to him “last time you sold the strawberries too cheap. I owe you 30 sek” (that’s 3 eur or 3,5 usd). He didn’t know what to answer, I got to choose how I wanted to do. I said I wanted him to have that 30 sek. He thanked me several times for my honesty.

So, did I win or did I lost something? 

I see them everyday day standing there trying to sell fine strawberries, fruits and vegetables no matter what the weather is like. I know you don’t get rich on a business like that in our area. So the missing 30 sek was much more for him than it was for me. 

My selfish me also says that I hate to feel guilty. If I know something is wrong I want to correct it if I can. In this case I could, so I did that.

Did I loose 30 sek? Or did I actually won something else for that 30 sek that I could have saved by not telling the salesman about his misstake?

If we want to live in a peaceful world we have to start with our selves. If I’m honest maybe I can inspire other to be honest too.

I did this painting sime years ago. I call it peace FM 🙂 we have to share the world equally and be nice to each other.


No 23 drawing in my goals for 2017

The drawing journey continues with another illustrated poem piece from a Swedish space epos about how mankind have to leave planet earth in a Spaceship  that lost its course in space. 

A person who knew all about historical stars suddenly died of soul sadness and then his own star broked down in pieces.

I now have 80 more drawings to do before hitting the finish line 😉


Collage making – gör ett collage

Find some friends of yours. Invite them for tea and smorgas. Have a nice time around the table and then after the teabreak suggest them that you all make a theme art piece. The theme could be Swedish summer or something else. Find some old magazines that you’re done with, glue and some pieces of cardboard. Make sure you have hours and hours to spend on this assignment. You will find it most amusing, so you don’t want to quit.

Leta rätt på några av dina vänner. Bjud in dem på te och smörgås. Ha en trevlig pratstund runt bordet. Efter det föreslår du att ni alla ska göra ett litet temakonstverk. Temat kan vara svensk sommar eller något helt annat. Leta rätt på gamla färgglada tidningar som du inte längre använder, klister och några bitar kartongpapper. Se också till att ni har många timmar att ägna åt denna kreativa uppgift. Tiden kommer att flyga iväg.

How do I know that? Hur kan jag veta det?

Well, me and some painter friends got together and did exactly what I just wrote above.

Ja, mina målarvänner och jag gjorde precis så som jag skriver ovan.

This is the result

Photo: Marie Westergren Eklund

We were four grownups (well at least counting by age) and one 12 year old artist. Five of the pieces is grownups work and two of them a young brught artist work. Can you guess which the youngest did and which of them I did?

I denna lilla konstövning deltog fyra vuxna (i alla fall till åldern) och en 12-årig konstnär. Fem av verken har en vuxen som upphovsperson och två tillhör den yngsta deltagaren. Kan ni gissa vilka den yngsta av oss gjorde och vilken jag gjorde?

The tea, smorgas and collage idea came from one of the members in the painter group Pink bucket, Marie Westergren Eklund. You can find her beautiful photographs on her insta.

Iden med te, smörgås och collage kommer från en av målargruppen Rosa hinkens medlemmar, Marie Westergren Eklund. Hennes fina fotografier kan ni hitta på insta.