Furious #inktober 21 2017

Maybe I haven’t met a scary furious pig yet, but the furious pigs I have met are kind of funny. They yell and yell and yell and I just shake my head and refuse to yell back falling in to their pattern. Then they get even more furious when I don’t react as they expect. 

I value my freedom to do what I want higher than to waste time on furious pigs by being furious back at them. So I set sails and do my thing and don’t let them get to me.

They just look stupid when they never get it. The conquer techniques doesn’t work on me.



Deep inktober 20 2017

This is a serious drawing on the prompt DEEP. We have our own local version of yet undiscovered Watergate-ish stories here. It is real sad and I think it’s now at a point when you wish a whistleblower and some real professional digging journalists could turn up out of the blue. Sad enough that won’t happen I’m afraid. I’m doing what I can, but it’s very difficult to be heard with only one little voice. But I will keep trying. It can’t be right when authorities do wrong and get away with it.

Sorry for being so serious on a Friday when you suppose to be happy it’s Friday. I am and I try not to think about the sad things that happens around me. But then the inktober prompt came up to me and said Here’s your chance to draw your feelings and thoughts of your chest for a while. So I did this drawing.

Now I can celebrate it’s Friday and think of all nice things around me instead. You all for an example!

Thanks for being here and thanks for all your supportive comments!


Cloud #inktober 19 2017

What if we really could sail on clouds. That would be awesome.

A Swedish singer and songwriter wrote a wonderful song in the eighties called Sail on a cloud. I still like it. If you don’t understand Swedish I google translated the lyrics. It’s a slow song in the beginning then it gets more powerful in the end. That’s the greatness of the song.


Segla på ett moln, Anne-Lie Ryde

Sail on a cloud
(lyrics google translated from Swedish)

I’ll hear the wind breathe
I’ll feel waves beat
I’m going to touch who I love
The one I believe in and understand
I’m going to my streets
Among my houses and rooms
I’m going to sleep under golden rain
During the night in my grove
Sail on a cloud – Do you want to come with me then?
Sail on a cloud – Do you want to come with me then?
Then I’m going to sail on a cloud
I’ll grow up in still hot
Forget all I did before
I will read my books
Put fire on what’s bothering
And I’ll grow my gifts
And sort my boxes
I’ll feel the smell of the earth
Blue violet and rosemary
Sail on a cloud – Do you want to come with me then?
Sail on a cloud – Do you want to go with me then?
Then I’m going to sail on a cloud

Graceful #inktober 2017

What can be more graceful than a flower standing tall?

The prompt Graceful led my music memory to Amazing Grace and I found a bagpipe version played by Gunhild Carling, a Swedish multi instrumentalist. Google her and you will find tons of good songs and different instruments she plays. I found one from a concert in Central Park New York, but here’s another where she plays Amazing grace:


Fat #inktober 16 2017

Fat in Swedish means keg, so I did a Swedish interpretation of today’s prompt.

When my associations went to keg it also went to a wonderful Swedish song by Hans Alfredsson from the 70’s. It’s about a glass of beer.

Here’s a Google translation of lyrics

Beer – Hans Alfredsson
When you look at how the children grow up and make efforts,
Can you wonder if the children do anything like us?
If there is a job, if there is food
if it’s decent where they live,
are there sheep and cows and water and air?
Can they sunbathe free, are there flowers and leaves?
Do they have pork and potatoes, can they have a bath?
The future seems gloomy when you rub over a glass of beer
but one hopes the kids will get a glass of beer.

Feel good at the heat of a Sarakrog.
Rose red and sky blue it should be.
Our lives are not just knots.
Beer is good, for example.

When you look at how the children grow up and make efforts,
Can you wonder if the children do anything like us?
If there is a job, if there is food
if it’s decent where they live,
are there sheep and cows and water and air?
Do they have daughters and sons, they have accordion and waltz,
Do they still have brown beans, do they have anything at all?
The future seems gloomy when you rub over a glass of beer
but hope that the kids still have a glass of beer!

swedish lyrics by
Hans Alfredsson


Mysterious #inktober 15 2017

What’s more mysterious than this?

If you want to join the inktober challenge read this

Have fun!


Fierce #inktober 14 2017

Todays inktober prompt is fierce. This is my interpretation of the prompt.

Joint the inktober challenge you too. It’s fun trying to find out interpretation alternatives to the prompts.

Here’s how inktober works


No 26 drawing in my goals for 2017

Finally I have managed to find some time for my drawing goals for 2017. I have 103 drawings to create. This is no 26, so it’s still a long way to go before I hit the finish line.

The story comes from a Swedish poem about a space journey. Mankind has destroyed Earth and cannot live there anymore. They travel through space in a spaceship that broke down after start. They have no longer control over ship.

This drawing is about when dead people talk through stones about the horrible explosion that made Earth, ears and eyes broke down. They shout with Kassandra and the guide in the spaceship get the sad message through their jumbotron-like screen that his beloved is dead.


Teeming #inktober 13 2017

What if we ll could stand on that wall and tear it down by convincing the climat changes deniers that Mother Nature will save us if we pay better respect to her. A team teeming encouragement for saving planet Earth. Well, the earth will survive no matter waht, but will we humans survive as long as Mother Earth?

Of course Pink Floyds Another brick in the wall inspired part of this drawing idea.

Join the inktober challenge you too


For Annas Stickman Chalenge

First answer to my draw a stickman challenge! I think this is a great drawing. I played football (or soccer as the americans call it) in my youth and that was so much fun, so this drawing takes me back to memory lane. For comments, please visit original post/Anna

What makes me stumble

The vaboules Anna https://fargaregardsanna.wordpress.com/2017/10/12/draw-a-stickman-rita-en-streckgubbe/ claims that even I could draw and asked for a stickman, so here it is. Don’t ask me why I went for football of all ..

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Draw a stickman – rita en streckgubbe!

Very often your comments create ideas in my head.

This time John at www.fotobloggarna.se made a comment on my post about inktober 2017 and said he couldn’t draw nothing but a stickman. 

Then castorpblog.wordpress.com said something similar about not being able to draw.

Everyone can draw. We just do it with different results. So now I challenge you all to draw a stickman or whatever you like.

If you don’t have pen and paper, download a free drawing app, there’s tons of them, draw your drawing, make a post on your blog and leave a link here in the comments so we can find your stickman or stickwoman 🙂

It’s not about how it looks, it’s about having fun when you draw.

So, this challenge goes for me too. I have to draw a stickman now, see ya!


Shattered #inktober 12 2017

I got a rough start on inktober with today’s prompt. But in the art world you can draw your lack of ideas, so I did a drawing on the shattered prompt despite that I have no ideas 🙂

The prompt made me remember a hit from the eighties though

If you want to join the inktober challenge read this

And this

I really like this challenge. It is so much fun. Find time for it!


It’s October!

I have forgotten about the most fun happenings of October!

Read more here.

Here’s the rules:

And here’s the prompts:

How could I forget about this! I’m shocked. I’ve missed 11 days of the challenge!

I better shape up!

Join the challenge you too! It’s fun to practice drawing. One can always get better.


Be you!

I only have one thing to say to you all today 🙂

Water color pencils before water.

And after water it looks like this

We can only be ourselves. It isn’t always easy to find out how to be yourself, but it is worth all the trying to get there, that much I can say.

I believe it takes the whole life to find out how to be ourselves. Maybe that’s our life task?

So Be you! That should be easy actually. You don’t have to imitate others and be afraid you can’t imitate, you don’t have to figure out how others might have opinions about how you should be, you don’t have to listen to anyone but your good inner self.

Just be you. If you succeed you will notice that some people will try to imitate you instead of the other way round.

Be you!


Vaniljhjärtan – Vanilla hearts 

Baking day, but I should warn you. Don’t do this if you don’t have patience like an angel.

They taste heavenly, but I always forget how grrr and hmmffrrrr and xkxkdkfmifksk it is to do them! 

You can find the recipe here, it is in Swedish, maybe it’s possible for you to translate if you don’t know Swedish.