Crotchet Virka Pluto

I challenged myself. Crotchet Pluto with a pattern in Spanish. I’m Swedish with very little knowledge about Spanish language but a little more knowledge about crotchet techniques. I had a little help from google translate also.

I found the pattern over at

You should try this. It’s fun 🙂

Jag utmanade mig själv. Virka Pluto utifrån ett mönster på spanska. Jag kan inte särskilt mycket spanska men vet ett och annat om virkning. Google translate hjälpte mig också aningen på traven.

Jag hittade mönstret hos

Testa ni också. Det är kul att virka 🙂
This is the result of my crotchet challenge. Så här ser resultatet av min utmaning ut.



Crotchet Mat -virkad matta

Om du har mattrasor kan du virka en matta. Så här till exempel.

If you got some old fabric and cut them you can crochet a mat, like this.

It’s fun to crotchet mats. Det är roligt att virka mattor.


I smell trouble – Jag anar trubbel

Do you know what happens when Chip’n’Dale, in Swedish Piff och Puff, comes near a Christmas tree? If you don’t, watch this

This lovely old cartoon is on Swedish television every Christmas Eve and I never get tired of it.

If you want to crotchet these little friends you find a free pattern here. I have crotchet the one on the left. It was fun.

Om ni vill virka Piff och Puff kan ni hitta mönster här. Det finns en engelsk version om ni inte vill läsa mönstret på spanska.

And a favorite classic Christmas song that goes well with the Christmas tree theme 🙂

Have a nice evening or day or whatever time of the day you’re in. Mine is almost over. 


Crotchet VW bus – Virka en folkabuss

I just had to try if I could follow this pattern and crotchet my own VW bus. I had to translate the Netherland language to Swedish. I think it went pretty well.

Here’s my crotchet bus and you see the pattern picture under the bus.

Jag provade att virka en folkabuss utifrån ett nederländskt mönster. Jag lyckades översätta så pass mycket att mitt försök att virka en buss nu ser ut så här. Bilden från mönstret ser ni under min virkade buss.

If you want to give it a try. You find the pattern here.

Vill du också försöka finner du mönstret här.

Crotchet things are fun!


Now I smell more trouble ;)

Ops, I crochet one more minion and the little bear Tim. I will never grow up, this is too much fun 😉


I smell trouble ;)

I couldn’t resist crotchet this little friend 🙂


Now they are four

My idiot project is one little dog further. I think you all know how many I have left. This is a completely useless project, but it is fun to crotchet and it’s an idiot challenge that amuses me.

I know, I’m a weirdo 😉


We need more Yodas in the world…

…so I crochet one

I used one of Mia Bengtsons pattern from her first book and changed the colors and added the Yoda things.


Idiot project?

Why did I crocheted the first one? 

Because it was fun 🙂

Why did I put black dots on the dog?

Because I remembered a story from my childhood.

Why did I do another dog almost just the same?

And a third one? 

Have you yet figured out how many I have left to crochet?

Is this an idiot project?

Or am I an idiot who thinks this is worth the effort?


Sweden June 6, 2016

Today we celebrate Sweden here in Sweden 🙂

You can crochet a doll like this in Sweden outfit, like I did a couple of years ago. 

Her you find the pattern at Järbo garn.

Happy Sweden day to all of you wherever you are!


Amigurumi artists

If you take a walk in Trosa Sweden along Västra Långgatan this Easter you can see these amigurumis in the windows of a house near by Nilssons Bageri.

This is a co-work with my sisters. We crotchet the dolls and I painted the paintings and artwork.


You can find more information about the real artists here:
CAROLINES KONST Caroline Af Ugglas hemsida

Hertha Hillfon – A heritage to manage –

Carolina Falkholt Facebook

Sigrid Hjertén – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Salvador Dalí – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lasse Åberg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lena Cronqvist – Wikipedia

Yayoi Kusama – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ulrica Hydman Vallien

Pablo Picasso – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lars Lerin – Sandgrund

Ai Weiwei


Caroline af Ugglas amigurumi

Caroline af Ugglas amigurumi

Herta Hilfon amigurumi

Herta Hilfon amigurumi

Carolina Falkholt & Sigrid Hjerten amigurumis

Carolina Falkholt & Sigrid Hjerten amigurumis

Salvador Dali & Lasse Åberg amigurumis

Salvador Dali & Lasse Åberg amigurumis

Lena Cronqvist & Yayoi Kusama amigurumis

Lena Cronqvist & Yayoi Kusama amigurumis

Ulrika Hydman Vallien & Pablo Picasso amigurumis

Ulrika Hydman Vallien & Pablo Picasso amigurumis





Amigurumi me :)

I have two more amigurumis artist to show you. Two local artists from Trosa. Both members of the paintergroup Rosa Hinken (Pink Bucket).

One of them is Johan Hoflund.

The other one, myself 😀

That’s the closest a selfportrait you’re gonna get from me.
Have a nice day, evening or night, where ever you are 🙂



Johan Hoflund




One of my work mates

Cookie monster as amigurumi. 

He’s sitting on a table eating cookies all day long.

Kakmonstret som amigurumi.

Han sitter på ett bord och äter kakor hela dagarna.



Turtles, lots of them

Birthday present to a fifty years young woman, who collects turtles. Me and my sisters did fifty crochet turtles to her a couple of years ago. 



Midsummer in Sweden 2015

This weekend celebrates Sweden midsummer. Originally a pagan tradition, which has survived the test of time and still celebrates the summer solstice. This year, the celebration seems to get done in the persistent rain.


Crochet doll with the Swedish national costume 

(I made it couple of years ago after following someones pattern)