Trosa Ultra Backyard 2018

Förra året dök det upp massor av löpare längs Trosas ågator och nu är det dags igen. Den 28 april går starten i Trosa Ultra Backyard. Loppet pågår i mer ön ett dygn om det finns löpare som klarar mer än 24 varv.

Last year a lot of runners showed up on the streets in Trosa Sweden. It’s time again. Trosa Ultra Backyard starts April 28 and goes on during more than 24 hours if some runners make more than 24 laps.

En kul och publikvänlig form av lopp. Spännande att följa hur många som orkar ända in till sista varvet.

A fun race to watch. Exciting to see how many that last the final lap.

Här kommer lite info från TUBs hemsida. Gå in där och läs mer.

Here’s some info about the race from TUBs webbsite where you can read more. It’s in Swedish, but maybe it’s possible to translate to your language.

Vad är en Backyard Ultra?
Detta är en annorlunda typ av ultramarathon, där varken tid eller avståndet är förutbestämt.
Loppet sker på en 6706 m slinga som börjar vid 11:00. Nästa start sker på varje heltimme. De löpare som misslyckas med att slutföra ett varv inom en timme kommer att avsluta tävlingen vid senast avklarat varv. Man måste ha klarat av minst ett varv för att vara med på resultatlistan. Löpare som kan fortsätta är delad etta varje varv. Vinnaren kommer att vara den sista löparen som slutför ett varv inom tidsfristen.

What is a Backyard Ultra?
This is a different type of ultramarathon, where neither time nor distance is predetermined.
The race takes place on a 6706m loop starting at 11:00. The next start takes place on each hour. The runners failing to complete a lap within one hour will finish the race at the last completed lap. You must have completed at least one lap to be included in the results list. Runners that can continue are divided one every turn. The winner will be the last runner to complete a lap within the deadline.


I made a drawing inspired from last years race.



Who wants an alarm clock like this?

I like my work, but Monday mornings….well it would be nice with this kind of alarm clock sometimes 🙂


No 34 drawing in my goals for 2018

We’re still in a spaceship lost in space. One man worship the female pilot. Here nails glows like lamps he says in the poem I’m getting inspiration from to this drawing.

It’s a bad photo of the drawing, but I hope you can se something anyway.


End Emission Era!

Do you want to participate in the one true challenge of this generation?

To end emission era 

And not only that

You will then also participate in Beginning of the Earth ReBirth Era

Wouldn’t that be nice if we all give it a try to end our own emissions?

Together we could make a change.

One little Ant alone can’t build an anthill, but millions of ants can build huge anthills.

So, one little human being can’t end emission era alone, but millions of human beings together can end emission era.

If you don’t know how you can make a difference, check out the questions at Climate acoount and find out how your carbon footprint looks like and what you can do to improve your footprint.

I’m not saying we will succeed in a day or two, but maybe we can start something that next generation will be thankful for that we did.

This is the drawing that started my thoughts and the challenge above. Feel free to share it as long as you do it in the meaning to spread the challenge.


The wagtails are finally here!

Today they came. The wagtails. That means Spring for certain.

Have a great start of a new week to you all!


Weekend WP pub open!

Here we all meet, as we are, in peace. You drink as much as you want, you will never get drunk or unfriendly. We all meet here to have a nice chat with eachother. If you want some music you can paste a videolink in the comments. If you want something to drink and/or eat, just let the bar know what you wish. You will get it.

This is the pub of our dreams. Enjoy and stay as long as you like. Leave comments if you like to talk and if you don’t, just follow along as a silent reader. You are all welcome.

Let’s start the weekend now!

I begin with wishing a song from Nils Landgren funk unit. Finish what we started.

Welcome to the pub of our dreams, the World Peace pub 🙂


They’re back so that must mean Spring

We have one really sure Spring sign in city of Trosa Sweden. They make a lot of noice around the clock, they occupy the roofs and they attack every one coming near their kids when the kids starting to discover the world outside the nests.

I Trosa city har vi ett mycket säkert vårtecken. De är högljudda dygnet runt, de ockuperar taken och de attackerar varenda en som kommer nära deras ungar när ungarna börjar utforska världen utanför boet.

I’m talking about seagulls. Jag pratar om fiskmåsarna.

Normally they live out at sea. But they have discover the idea with nesting in town. No white tailed eagles that eat their kids. All though they have other enemies on ground. The fox likes their kids, so the city nesting isn’t always a good idea. Yes we have foxes in the middle of the city.

Normal lever fiskmåsarna ute på sjön (Östersjön). De har dock upptäckt att de får vara ifred från havsörnen inne i stan. Men istället har de fiender på marken, som gärna gör deras ungar till ett skrovmål. Inne i stan stryker nämligen räven omkring.

The seagulls come every year to nest and now they’re here, so that must means Spring is finally here too.

När fiskmåsarna kommer in över stan och landar på skorstenarna brukar våren komma, så låt oss hoppas att våren vinner över vintern.

The seagulls are interesting to study, so I don’t mind they’re coming in here to town, but they are annoying when they attack. But what would you have done if your kids were in danger?

Det är fascinerande att studera måsarna och se deras ungar växa, men de är aningen jobbiga när de attackerar. Fast vad skulle du ha gjort om dina ungar var i fara?


No 33 drawing in my goals for 2018

The discovery of answers to the central memorybank in the spaceship lost in space was not that clear as it seemed to be at first. The technician see the key, but only through walls in a mirror world. The memory loss is like a fire burned out. The mind power is bleeding.


Spring birds

Today I saw the first two cranes up here in the middle of Sweden.

Idag såg jag för första gången i år två tranor som landat på ett fält vid Tureholm i Trosa Södermanland. Det betyder att våren borde vara här för att stanna.

Last years drawing of two cranes.

Another Spring sign bird is this little singer friend

En annan vårfågel som sjunger så vackert om kvällen är denna

But I still wait for the wagtail to come. Last year this was the day we saw the wagtail for the first time that year.

Jag väntar fortfarande på sädesärlan som förra året dök upp framför ögonen just denna dag. Men idag såg jag inte till den.

Spring is a lovely time outside with all that singing going on among the birds.

Vårens fåglar håller ljuvliga konserter just nu. Härligt!


No 32 drawing in my goals for 2018

The technician in the space poem about a spaceship lost in space after leaving earth with thousands and thousands of people tells about the aha moment when he thougt he saw how the universal memory bank worked before it blew up in an explosion. He transformed to a space and eye in madness. Rising from the cell he was locked in with the female pilot.

He hears the people in the big hall laugh of joy.

So now I got some more drawimgs to do. The total amount would be 103 if I reach my goal.


No 31 drawing in my goals for 2018

The plot thickens. The spaceship passengers now seems to be ruled by a dictator that blames a few people for the memories central destroyment. They have to hide deep down in the spaceship. They try to explain their innocence by inventing every kind of language they can think of to make the angry mass understand, but it is like blind-man’s-buff.

In their room deep down in spacehip they try sending their messages with the language of trees and plants, but that’s doesn’t seems to help either. They see it all so clear but cannot make the angy masses and the dictator to understand anyway.

I can’t wait to read the next verse of this exciting poem that I get the inspiration to my drawings from. It’s a dark story about mankind, but very important if we ever learn from it and do different than they do in the poem.

Do you have a challenge for your self?

This series of drawings is my challenge. So far I made 31 out of 103 drawings, so I have a bit left before I reach the goal 😉


Vasaloppet Sweden 2018

I know what I’m doing this Sunday morning. No I’m not participating in Vasaloppet, the biggest ski race in Sweden. But I do watch the start and rest of the race on TV.

It’s a race where professionals and amateurs race together.

The start is something unique. Thousands of racers start and release so much energy and expectations when the start signal goes.

Have a great Sunday. Hope you can watch the yotube clip or even find the broadcast of the race somewhere.

People from all over the world participate.

I did a drawing of the start.


Så här bygger vi i Trosa kommun – not climate smart building in Trosa Sweden

Ni känner förmodligen igen detta tillvägagångssätt även från trakter ni känner till närmare.

You probably know this way of building from your part of the world too.

First a landowner see money in the beautiful nature thinking -oh many people want to live in a beautiful area like this.

Först får en markägare för sig att en vacker naturmiljö skulle kunna innebära massor av pengar genom att tänka -åh här i denna vackra miljö vill nog många människor bo.

Landowner may have been influenced by local politicians who wants to build their egos by exploiting the municipality nature.

Markägaren kan ha uppvaktats av lokala politiker, som vill bygga sina egon genom att exploatera kommunen de styr och ställer i.

Then the next step come. Sell the land to dreamers who believes in the lies about how they gonna live in beautiful nature.

Sen kommer nästa steg. Sälj in tomterna till drömmare som helt och fullt tror på att de kommer att få bo i vacker natur.

When the land finally transformed from nature to a house area no trees or other sign of former nature is possible to discover.

När naturområdet genomgått den totala förvandlingen till bostadsområde går det inte att sikta ett enda kvarvarande träd eller annat tecken på att området en gång utgjorde storslagen natur.

Eventually the house owner still dreams of a real living near nature place. At the same time  climate changes escalating according to the newspaper on the table.

Slutligen fortsätter den husägaren att drömma om ett på riktigt naturnära boende. Samtidigt skriker nyhetstidningen på bordet om eskalerande klimatförändringar.

What is it we don’t get? Do we actually believe we can live without nature?

Vad förstår vi inte? Tror vi verkligen att vi kan leva utan naturen?

Are we so dumb we can’t invent nature friendly way of building house areas?

Har vi verkligen, i en tid där vi har tillgång till världens samlade kompetens, inte kunskap tillräckligt att bygga klimatsmarta områden?

Previous generations in my area were known for inventing smart things by not doing the same as everyone else but by thinking new thoughts and try new things. Today our politicians just do as the rest of the dinosaur local politicians in other exploitation maniac municipalities. No climate changes awareness at all. It’s embarrassing.

Tidigare generationer i kommunen jag bor i gjorde sig kända för sin uppfinningsrikedom som ofta kom ur att tänka annorlunda och nytt utifrån problemlösning som utgångspunkt. Idag visar våra lokala politiker upp en häpnadsväckande härmningsförmåga. Förebilden verkar komma ifrån politikerdinosaurierna som fortfarande tror på exploateringshysterin och fullkomligt struntar i att ens försöka uppnå klimatmålen. Det går inte att skönja en enda klimatvänlig tanke i samhällsplaneringen. Ganska pinsamt eftersom vi skriver 2018 och inte 1918. 

I hope we come to our senses and start a new era by taking care of nature better and find new ways of living with nature and not destroy nature. We still have great possibilities to do that.

Jag hoppas att vi hinner tänka om i tid och börjar ta bättre hänsyn till naturen och inser att vi behöver den och inte kan fortsätta att förstöra den. Vi har fortfarande bra möjligheter att göra det.


Goodmorning Monday :)

What if Monday could be a great day….I wish you all a happy Monday.

Here’s some coffee for ya!

I prefer tea, but for all of you who thinks coffee is the thing, here it is 🙂


No 30 drawing in my goals for 2018

Darkness falls on the spaceship drifting towards an unpleasant destiny. Their comfort and godess broke down into pieces and is no longer their guiding star. The spaceship conqueror step forward and thousands of following sheeps mocks the one who in vain tries to fix the godess.

This old Swedish space epos that my inspiration to the drawings come from is telling our story of today.

We’re about to make our planet impossible to live on, next thing will be we have to escape in a spaceship searching for a planet B. We would probably destroy that one too.

It’s not a story with happy ending. I hope we can change our own future by change our destroying way of living to something smarter. 

Maybe I should do a series of drawings showing how we could do differently. Hmmmm… I have to think about that idea.