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Rain forrest – regnskog

Rain forrest - regnskog (watercolor pencils) Umbrellas in rain - rainforrest 😉 Paraplyer i regn - regnskog 😉 Anna

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Pi nature

Pi nature, aquarelle pencils Nature is eternal - if we let nature be 🙂 Anna

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Boats check – Båtkoll i Trosa

At Tangosailing.nu you can take a look at guest sailboats at Trosa Harbor all summer. It's so fun watching the boat pictures and read about them. The blog is in Swedish but maybe you can translate if you want to read the text. The pictures says much without words so maybe you enjoy the boat… Continue reading Boats check – Båtkoll i Trosa

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Andy and Anna peace movement?

I found an old post from 2017. We did not know back then what's happening today. A comments thread that maybe went wild? You can read the post and the comments to get a picture of what happened. Here's the link. https://cityjackdaw.wordpress.com/2017/05/31/a-final-manchester-post-still-the-flowers-grow/ This is the comments that made me create an image in my head… Continue reading Andy and Anna peace movement?

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Roof #inktober 2021-10-13

Todays prompt from inktober is ROOF. My take on the prompt looks like this Sittning on a roof with stars all over the night sky. One of our Swedish singers Sofia Karlsson wrote a song about Stars over Asahikawa long time ago. I very much like that song. If you don't understand swedish I google… Continue reading Roof #inktober 2021-10-13

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Stuck #inktober 2021-10-12

Do you feel like this sometimes? Stuck in old habits.  Join the challenge inktober. It's fun doing a drawing a day inspired by a prompt. Anna

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Konstens vecka 2021 – Art week 2021 – Trosa Sweden

I Trosa håller Trosabygdens konstförening i Konstens vecka 2021 genom en jurybedömd utställning på temat Frihet i Trosa kvarn 5-9 oktober, tisdag-fredag kl. 16-19, lördag 11-16. In Trosa, Trosabygden's art association holds Art Week 2021 through a jury-judged exhibition on the theme Freedom in Trosa mill 5-9 October, Tuesday-Friday at 16-19, Saturday 11-16. Jag har… Continue reading Konstens vecka 2021 – Art week 2021 – Trosa Sweden

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Sailboats – segelbåtar

What can I say - I like sailboats obviously I think when I go through my paintings through the years. Vad kan jag säga - jag gillar uppenbarligen segelbåtar tänker jag när jag ser gamla målningar och teckningar bakåt i tiden. Maybe it has to do wit my love for archipelago that began at the… Continue reading Sailboats – segelbåtar


To point finger at something/att peka på en spricka

A rerun of a post from 2015. En repris av ett inlägg från 2015. When someone try to get our attention, because of an obvious upcoming crisis, how often do we not listening? Instead we are occupied with tell the pointer to quit pointing. Stop shouting and be like the rest of us. Normal and… Continue reading To point finger at something/att peka på en spricka

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Trees can help us – Träd kan hjälpa oss

This film about trees are very interesting. I don't know if it's possible to watch outside Sweden though. Den här filmen om träd ger inspiration att plantera träd och göra dem till våra hjälpbredor att förbättra våra chanser att klara klimatförändringarna. https://www.svtplay.se/video/30869842/vetenskapens-varld/vetenskapens-varld-sasong-34-tradens-superkrafter I like trees a lot for many reasons. Jag gillar träd och skogar… Continue reading Trees can help us – Träd kan hjälpa oss

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To fast for me! För snabb för mig!

Old drawing but still true 🙂 Gammal teckning men fortfarande sann. Have a great start of a new week. Ha en bra start på nya veckan. Anna

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Inktober 2020

I knew it was something fun and important I've forgotten. Today I found out what it was. This: https://inktober.com/rules This is so fun to join.  A drawing a day with the daily prompt as inspiration. I have so much mustdothings that I haven't had time to realize that ot is October! And October is soon… Continue reading Inktober 2020

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Trädbok – book about trees :)

Konsten att hugga träd och ha skogen kvar, Mikael Karlsson Jag har läst boken Konsten att hugga träd och ha skogen kvar. Att läsa den lärde mig att skogsfrågorna har aspekter som förtjänar uppmärksamhet i nivå med de vi läser om nästan dagligen. Boken berättar om en skogsförvaltningsmetod som tjänar både skogsägarens önskemål om avkastning… Continue reading Trädbok – book about trees 🙂

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No 51-58 drawings in my goals for 2020

No 52 Memory of a beautiful lady the storyteller says No 51 Memories of ladies gone long ago No 53  The wonder and thoughts of a spear going through space No 54 a Dinner with scientists in dictator garden No 54 b A beautiful girl trapped by a dragon in dictator garden  No 55 Narcissists… Continue reading No 51-58 drawings in my goals for 2020

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Wagtail arrived – Sädesärlorna har anlänt

A sure Spring sign, the wagtails arriving. Ett säkert vårtecken, sädersärlornas ankomst. Ha en underbar start på nya veckan! Have a wonderful new week start! Anna