Green tree

Very simple drawing done in a sketch program on an old phone. It was hard to see the screen in the sun, so it’s not a great drawing, just a bit of fun playing with colors and different brushtypes. The grass was supposed to be green, but now I see it’s almost yellow. Well it’s Swedish summer grass this year. Very little rain has made the grass yellow instead of green.


We are now over…

…2000 followers of this blog

That’s fantasy numbers for me. It’s all your doing. By sharing my posts, comment and like my posts and interact in every other way in the blogginf sphere you made those numbers. I’m not on any other social media, so it’s your sharing and interacting that draw new readers and followers to this blog. I just write the posts and try to interact with you as often as I can. It’s time consuming but very fun and delightful. Thank you all for being here 🙂

You are all stars in the blogging universe 

How did you find my blog and how do we find your blog? 

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Wroom or Thunk?

That’s the question that pops up in my head when I read Dannys post and Jims post.

Is it all about speed? Or should we slow down and look up?

Check out their posts and then you get why I did this drawing.

Very often the comments from you five me drawing ideas when it starts to get weird or funny.

Like this from Jims post.


Moving South

When you start to hear the special Fall sound in the air and then look up in the sky where the sound come from you will see a bunch of grey geese moving south this time of year in Sweden.

Så här års kommer du att höra tydliga ljud ifrån skyn. Tittar du upp kommer du troligtvis skåda källan till ljudet. Grågäss som flyttar söderut.

Can you see the formation the geese makes in this drawing? If you see the drawing from long distance the formation should appear 🙂


European green woodpecker – Gröngöling

I saw this bird flying in the woods today. It’s a very quick drawing, so it’s not a great one.

I couldn’t catch it on camera, the bird was too fast for me.

The green woodpecker is protected and on the red list of endangered species in Sweden. The bird lives in the Tureholm peninsula as all the other animals I’ve shown photos and drawings of lately.

I hope you don’t get bored with all my animal and save Trosa nature talking 🙂


Take a nap

I found an old drawing from last year.

Naps can do wonder 🙂


Gråbo – Mugwort

It may be a beautiful plant but for those with allergies it’s not a nice plant.

I don’t usually react on the pollen from Gråbo/Mugwort, but this year for some unknown reason I do. It’s like Springtime all over again for me. Hmfr…/:|

But it probably get better soon. It isn’t a cold and that’s positive 🙂

By the way, learn a Swedish word. Pollen is pollen in Swedish too! So now you know one more Swedish word 😉


Mannen som planterade träd The man who planted trees

I read a wonderful classic litte story the other day about The man who planted trees by Jean Giono.

Här om dagen läste jag en underbar liten historia som ger hopp om att varje liten människas gärning kan göra stora goda underverk.

Boken heter Mannen som planterade träd, författare Jean Giono.

Original title: L’homme qui plantait des arbres

The story so clearly shows that one human being can do great things without great resources. Helping nature can never be wrong and this man in the story shows how we can be nice to nature and humans at the same time. It´s a story made up, but it could be real. It´s possible to achieve such greatness if we want to.

He devoted his life to plant trees and after many years he had created an enviroment that people could live in again. The trees gave people water again.

In my area people, well politicians and people hungry for money mostly, thinks trees are useless. They´re not!


Who are you when there’s a crack to fix?

Are you among those who point finger at the one who tells about the crack?

Are you the one who try to find out how to fix it?

Are you the one who tells about the crack?

I know I am the one who tells about the crack. Check this post out about How sea nature in Trosa no longer is protected by the authorities that should protect it.

Are you among those who think it’s ok to not follow the rules and sell out nature protection?

If you are one of those who wants to help enlighten people about what’s going on in nature protection authorities in my area, you can visit the fb page and give this 

a like if you like 🙂

If you’re not on fb like me, then you can find other ways to support our struggle for nature.


No 25 drawing in my goals for 2017

My drawing journey continues through space. The space ship course is undefined. They lost the steer ability and are headed to unknown destiny. They don’t hurt Mother Earth anymore but they will probably never find a new home since the spaceship is broken.

Some of you may notice the steering gear symbol. I wanted to illustrate infinity.

My inspiration to this weird drawings comes from a Swedish space epos written in the middle of the 1900 century. The poems are still very up to date, so I want to continue this drawing journey till the last word. I plan to do about 103 drawings. I’m on no 26 now. It’s still a long way to the finish drawing.


Cake week starts today in Sweden

…at least I call it Cake week.

The official name is Womens week or Ladies week. The week starts with the namesday of Fredrik, then follows six days with womens namedays.

One tradition this week is to make cakes for each and every one of the names.

Another tradition this week is that it often seems to be a really rainy week. That’s not going to happen this year I think, even if I hope we get some rain. The blueberries and the mushrooms need rain to grow.

So, this week everyone is allow to eat and bake cake I say 🙂

Burn calories another week.


Därför vill vi spara naturen i Trosa – Why we want to save Trosa nature

Så här funkar allemansrätten – how right of public access works

En del på ja-till-förbifarts-sidan säger att exploateringen är bra eftersom det gör det möjligt för fler att bo nära naturen. Jag har svårt att få resonemanget att gå ihop av två orsaker.

Om vi bebygger naturen finns den inte längre kvar. Exploateringen innebär alltså inte framtida naturnära boende. Om vi bebygger natur som idag är tillgänglig för alla enligt allemansrätten minskar vi ju i själva verket tillgången för många att vistas naturnära.

Allemansrätten är en av de bästa rättigheterna vi har. Den öppnar för alla att uppleva naturen när som helst alla dagar om året. Både fattig och rik har samma tillgång till naturen. Ingen behöver äga egen mark för att få vistas där. För varje kvadratmeter vi tillåter till exploatering förlorar vi naturtillgänglighet för alla till förmån för några få.

Så länge naturen är orörd tillhör den alla, när vi exploaterar den tillhör den bara några få. Därför kämpar jag för att alla ska ha fortsatt tillgång till Hungaskogen och Tureholmshalvön i stället för några få.

Some people on the yes-to-new-big-road-side says we should exploit the nature so more people can live near nature. I don’t really get how they think. If we build away nature, there is no nature to live near. If we exploit nature fewer people get access to nature.

In Sweden we have the most beautiful right. The right of public access to nature. That means everyone can visit nature whenever they like all year around. The right comes with the responsibility to take good care of nature and not hurt anything in nature. You are allowed to pick berries and mushrooms. This right means you don’t have to own land by yourself to get out in nature. You can be the poorest person in the world and still have access to nature. You can have zillions of money and also have access to nature without owning land.

This is a right worth fighting for. When we exploit nature the right of public access ends. We can no more visit the nature that was. Only the person who buys the land have access to it.

So when I say Save Trosa nature I fight for everyone’s right to visit Trosa nature in future too.

It’s a big difference between theoretical access for billions of people and only a few house owners.
But you’re smart people so you probably already figured this out 🙂


Narc radar part 2

It’s not always easy to spot the narcissistic persons, but there are clues to learn. If you have met narcissistic persons you will know what I’m talking about. If you have learn to recognise them check out this

Their feet always points in a direction away from you. If they cannot find any use for you they will find another victim to use for their purposes.

They use big words both when they act nice and evil. Nothing of what they tell you is true. They never tell the truth so you don’t even have to think of what’s true or not. It’s all acting and constantly shifting direction.

If they say something about you they talk about them selves, but they claim it’s you they talk about. 

They are expert at finding your weaknesses and if you’re the least unconfident in something, they will use that insecureness against you.

So, trust your inner self and don’t ever listen to the narcs and think they tell the truth about you. They always speak about themselves. They don’t know anything else but themselves. They are just acting when they interact with other people. They are shell people and they’re all totally empty inside. No, they can not be cured. They are what they are.


No 24 drawing in my goals for 2017

My drawings with inspiration from a Swedish space epos continue. This one is about how the spaceship drifting towards an end in winds of time, anxiety and remembering earth. The ship that will be a sarcophagus, will end up like a moth in a star.


Ska vi betala för att förstöra natur? Should we pay to destroy grand nature?

Mötesplats 0156 pågår en diskussion om hur kommunen riskerar att utsätta invånarna för ännu högre skuldsättning om politikerna väljer att fortsätta med projekt förbifart. Projektet hotar att öka kommunens skulder ytterligare och dessutom förlorar invånarna stora ytor allemansrättslig natur att ströva fritt i. De två minusposterna kan aldrig bli ett plus för invånarna. Besök sidan och inlägget och läs och delta i diskussionen om du är med i fb.

On the fb page Mötesplats 0156 there’s a discussion going on about how the new big road through Trosa grand nature will increase the municipality debts. Not only do the politicians increase the economical risks, they will also decrease the possibility for the citizens to walk in nature. Those two minus posts can never be plus for the citizens or the climate issues. If you read Swedish, please visit the fb page and join the discussion.

Jag gjorde en teckning för några år sedan som knyter an till ämnet.

I did a drawing a couple of years ago on the subject. It’s about how we are about to pay for something that don’t give us anything in return. In Swedish we call that to buy the pig in the bag.