Be careful of your true friends. They are never easy to replace.



Can I show you something?

Found an old painting that I rerun here for you 🙂

Are you ready?


Do I sell my art?

Yes I do.

At Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna you can check out my little internet store.

If your eyes catch some of my art, that you might be interested in, please let me know.

The store don’t show every piece of art, that’s for sale. If you have found something on my blog, that’s interesting for you. Please let me know.

I sell my art because;

I want to give room for making new art pieces

I like when my art find new homes

I like when people like my art 😉

I don’t paint on order, but I have done some art work inspired by wishes of me making art to a specific person or with a specific theme.

I will not promote my art for sale on my blog often. I think my blog is for enjoying art without a feeling of “oh, she just want to sell her art”.

But I get the “do you sell your art” question now and then, so this post is the answer to that question 😉


Save time/Spara tid (for sale/till salu)

Limiting man…

…do not belong to one of the better ideas mankind has invented. At least not in the artistic sense, for example. Trying to tie the creative soul diminishes us immensely as people. It will always stand up and prove that the little people who are trying to bind does not have enough power to do that,

Att begränsa människan…

…tillhör inte en av de bättre ideerna mänskligheten har hittat på. Åtminstone inte i den konstnärliga meningen till exempel. Att försöka binda fast den skapande själen förminskar oss oerhört som människor. Den kommer alltid att resa sig upp och bevisa att de små människorna, som försöker binda fast inte har tillräckligt med kraft att göra det,
Den här bilden får fortsätta reaktionen, som tog sin början i Free Falkholts Övermålning, se tidigare inlägg nedan.



I’m not an angel

I followed Thumbups “check this out message” in this post:

And guess what! I’m no angel, I’m like this:

“Lost in the dark corridors of your mind, you’re moderately psychopathic. You’ve always been unique and misunderstood by your peers. You were most likely bullied at some point by those that simply couldn’t appreciated your unique perspective on life. You sometimes live in a completely different reality and exhibit abnormal and anti-social behaviors. Let’s face it, sometimes you’re down right creepy. However, you’re only moderately psychopathic. You’re inner darkness is balanced out by your incredible intelligence and creativity. So, stop collecting dead stuff and make some art! You’ll be famous!”

That was a surprise. I know I’m no angel. But I just thought I was weird and uncommon, but this….no I didn’t expected that.

What do you think? Should I believe the result or should I keep laughing at the result?



Too happy for the blues

Too happy for the blues

Loiuse Hoffsten and Lasse Englund

This song showed up in my head today.
Maybe I’m trying to spread some light in the dark coldness I’m looking at through my windows. I found a live version of the song on Youtube.

It’s a song by one of our great musicians, Louise Hoffsten. She’s the blues lady of Sweden. She struggles with MS, but with lots of will power she manage to continue her artist career and that’s great. If you google her, you will find that almost every song you hear is great. She sings in both Swedish and English and in different genres. She plays the harmonica very well too, if you find a video with here singing “The seduction of sweet Louise”.

You might have heard some of her songs in american tv series and films actually. I think that was in the 90’s.

I hope I soon get more time to actually make new posts with new drawings. I have long working days this time of year, so my drawing time is very limited.

Have a great Friday, mine is almost over, in a couple of hours it is nighttime.


Lift me up

I read Stephellaneous post:
Playlist Party: Help Build an Upbeat Playlist

And I gave this song as an upbeat song example:

Lift me up, The real group from Sweden.
No instruments just their voices a capella 🙂

Have a great day, evening, night or morning where ever you are.

This is a painting I did out of a memory of a friend from school days who almost always had a smile and a laughter on her face. She died far to young and I’m constantly being reminded of how unfair life treat some people. Far too many gets too short lives. But smile anyway for the memories of them and for the gift of getting to know them and their wisdom 🙂


Where does your money go?

Coop Konsum Trosa Sweden 2015

This painting is for me about how we make money priorities that in the first thought seems okay and absolutely clear. But when you think again you may look at it differently. I have no answers to this issue, just ongoing thoughts.

If you can’t read the Swedish words in the painting it’s alright, I think you get the picture anyway.

This is how it looks like, outside on of Trosas grocery stores.

Inside you can find lots of food and also lots of opportunities to bet money on games and lotteries if you have money to spend. That’s what the advertising signs says.

Outside there’s a wheelchair man with blankets, winter clothes and an almost empty coffee paper cup. He’s always very friendly and says “hej hej” to everyone who walks into the store and comes out of the store. If someone gives him money he say a very big thank you.

I’ve never got the idea of betting or lottery if it’s not about charity. Why throw money away on something that you don’t stand one bit of a chance to regain. Seriously, do you think gambling companies will give back your money to you?

If you read Daniel Kahnemans book about thinking fast and slow you will see that you always will loose in the long run if you gamble with your money.

Still people do that. A LOT! There’s an endless queue of people at the Game checkout. Why isn’t that queue at the man with the almost empty coffee paper cup?

Why can we throw our money away to big gambling companies who do not say thank you thank you thank you and throw kisses after you in gratefulness?

Why do we think that money to gambling companies will gives us more than to support someone who probably is trying to support a whole big family with the coins he gets from friendly people.

Why is giving money to a beggar not something we see as a chance to regaining our money? They don’t give you false promises or lead you to believe that one day they will give you back millions and millions of money. They just simply ask for a couple of coins when you pass by them.

Still the gambling business seems more reliable than a begging person for far too many people. Isn’t that weird?

I’m still thinking about this new phenomenon in our streets. The European poverty that shows up in the middle of welfare Sweden. We have to get this, one way or another. Is it okay to give money or not? I haven’t figured that out yet.

I just come to so far in my thoughts that our Swedish gambling company, owned by the state is not getting my money. They don’t need my money and I don’t buy their promises:)

About the begging man, well I have bought a magazine once of him. But that was long ago and now it’s Christmas. Hmmmmmmm….


Are you for real?

Léa over at
said in a comment that her head is a scary place.

My head is a scary place too. I had the most terrible dream the other night. You were not for real! All of you turned out to be just images, icons, stickers, cartoon figures. Not real persons. Someone had tricked me to believe you were for real.

When I was about to do as I always do when I have time, visiting your blogs, answering your comments. All the gravatars just flown away lika a piece of paper and there was nothing left behind. Like there were never a real person behind those gravatars. I was so sad, I felt like I had lost every one of you.

Please tell me this was all a bad dream and that you all are for real!

You see, my head can be a really scary place sometimes 🙂


Can I show you something? (part 2)

Here’s the whole story:

Do you want to open and look for the answer?

This art is my contribution to our local spring exhibiton. You can see pictures from the exhibition at


What do you see? Vad ser du?

What do you get out of this painting? It’s a random painting. I didn’t know what I was painting. I just let the color and paintbrush work almost on their own 🙂

Vad ser du i denna målning? Jag målade planlöst och lät färger och pensel göra som de ville.



White houses on green hills/Vita hus vid Skärlagsvallen

When I started to try painting with acrylic I did this painting. The colors said to me, be naivistic. And so I did. I used mainly white and green color. The view is from my childhood area. The soccer field in front, I played football and up the hill I lived in a white house. Not one of them in the picture though. 

When i did the painting I got inspiration from a Swedish artist called “Bearhunter“.

Last picture shows the real white houses on the green hills.

När jag provade att måla i akryl sade färgerna till mig att tänka naivistiskt. Så det gjorde jag. Jag tänkte på Björnjägarns tavlor och försökte förhålla mig lika avskalat i motiven, som han gjorde i sina tavlor.

Sista bilden visar de vita husen vid Skärlagsvallen i verkligheten.



Lady and the handbag – a Swedish art movement

My Pick your fight painting is a sort of reconnection to the Swedish art movement “the handbags on statues”.

It all started with an artist who was going to make a statue of an angry lady with a handbag. The artist got inspiration from another artist photography of a lady with a handbag that protested against racists. You can see pictures here:

Arga damen med handväskan/angry lady with handbag

The city, that ordered an art work from the artist, chickened out and didn’t want the statue. They were afraid of the reactions.

The people from all over in Sweden didn’t think the decision were wise at all. They started a protest by hanging handbags on every statue in Sweden they could find. Now we have handbags hanging on statues in almost every city in the country. You can see some pictures here:

Handväskor på statyer/Handbags on statues

I wanted to take the issue in a wider perspective and my handbag person is angry about everything that irritates us. We all have our fights to fight and we can’t deal with them all at the same time.
So my thought in Pick your fight was to encourage our thoughts about what is worth fighting for, what can wait, what can not wait and so on. I don’t have any answers, I just want to pop the questions 🙂


Pick your fight

What’s your defects?

Are you an ideal person, in shape, in mind and in body?
Didn’t think so, and me neither.

I think we all have our small and big defects, that we learn to live with. Since birth or after other things that happened to us in ongoing life.

When we think of our defects, we often seems to think other people are perfect without even checking if it’s true or not. We just assume that the grass is greaner on the other side.

I’ve learned through the years that we all have our defects and that we can sort of seek comfort in that. We’re almost never alone in our defects, even if we think so sometimes.

So in this post, my idea was to check out our defects. And I’ll start with myself. If you want to tell us about your defects, you are very welcome to leave comments.

The one who manage to tell about a defect no one else seems to have “wins”.

My point in this idea, is to show how alike we all are in our defects and that we’re seldom alone with them. Maybe it ease our burden a little to see that we probably share some defects without knowing it 🙂

So here it goes:

I’m a half hearing, allergic and HSP-talented person with both a lot of sorrow and happiness in my past.

That has shaped me to an half introvert, eyehearing, lotsofthoughtsgoingoninmymind person, with a great gratitude for life and its little happythings discovering everyday.

I went through child happiness, youth darkness, youngadult lostness to grown up I-could-never-have-it-better-than-right-now-ness 🙂
I see my defects as a strenght. I’ve learned to live with them and they now serve me good instead of making me feel imperfect.

We all have ups and downs in our lifes, I think the trick is to survive the downs and have courage and patience to make the ups comes more frequently than the downs.

I also think we should allow our selves to have ups and downs in our lives. We can not always be happy or sad, we are often both at the same time. If we’re happy without a little sadness that’s probably not true, and if we’re sad without even the slightest litte happiness that’s not true either. I try to mix happiness and sadness to blend into a good mood.

What do you think about this? What defects has formed you?

Defects as a strength you can also read about here:


Our six senses

Our six senses

I give up for now

Today I have really bad and slow connection. When I try visiting your blogs it takes hours to get there and when I try to leave comments they disappears.

I will catch up reading your post when I have better connection. Love reading them and try as often I can to get time to read.


Looking through a window or maybe read a blog!