Marigolds – ringblommor

A quick aquarelle sketch - en snabb akvarellskiss Anna

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Butternut squash soppa/soup

Leslie asked for a recipe and here it is: Butternut squash soppa/soup 1,5 kg/52.8 oz/3.3 lb butternut squash 2 äpplen/apples 2 vitlöksklyftor/garlic cloves 3,5 cm/1.37795 inches färsk ingefära/fresh ginger 2 msk/2 tbl/1 fluid oz olivolja/olive oil 1 liter/1000 ml/1.06 liquid quart vatten/water 1 dl/100 ml/0.106 liquid quart grädde/cream 2 dl/200 ml/0.212 liquid quart fläderblomssaft/elderberry juice… Continue reading Butternut squash soppa/soup


Anna artwork at age 12

I found a watercolor painting that I did at the age of 12. I remember I was happy that the swan actually looked like a swan. I wasn't happy over the background though. I can't believe I remember that so many years later. This was 1982 and today it's 2018. Anna

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Sockermålning – Sugar Painting

I did something really fun today that I haven't tried before. Idag prövade jag något kul som jag inte hade testat förut. Everyone can be an artist with this simple technique. Alla kan måla fina tavlor med denna teknik. Mitt första försök My firts try Så här gjorde jag: Koka upp 2 dl socker och… Continue reading Sockermålning – Sugar Painting

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Vad kan du göra? What can you do?

Vi talar och tänker alla kring klimatfrågorna just nu, tror jag. Vad kan du göra för att medverka till en snabbare övergång till ett fossilfritt samhälle? Svara på frågorna i klimatdeklarationen så får du en startpunkt att utgå ifrån. We all talk and think about the enviromental issues right now, I think. What can you… Continue reading Vad kan du göra? What can you do?


Water color winter

Found an old painting I did twenty years ago. Anna


The ladder of life – livets stege

Is life like this? Kan vi se livet som en stege? Some climbing up to the top, some stays halfway and som stays on the ground. Några klättrar hela vägen upp, några stannar på halva vägen och andra står kvar på marken. Watercolors on cardboard, reuse art. Akvarell på kartong. Anna

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Be you!

I only have one thing to say to you all today 🙂 Water color pencils before water. And after water it looks like this We can only be ourselves. It isn't always easy to find out how to be yourself, but it is worth all the trying to get there, that much I can say.… Continue reading Be you!


Flower unknown name

I was supposed to make a small tulip painting, but I don't think it looks like a tulip so this is an unknown flower with no name. I'm not great in painting things out of memory. I just remembered the red color and the green leaves. I have to practice more, I realise that. Anna

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Red houses

The same technique as Winter wonderland. My idea was to let the white fields be that white stuff that's falling in winter time. I'm not sure it is obvious in this painting though. Anna

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Ongoing painting finished :)

   What do you think? If you have read previous post called "ongoing painting" - here's the final result. I'm not satisfied with the photo of the painting, there's more layers and color fields in the painting than the photo shows. But if you compare with the first step, then you clearly can see a… Continue reading Ongoing painting finished 🙂

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Ongoing painting 3

Still not dry yet. Doesn't look good, but when it's dry again I can continue.    Now I can go on with next layer.    I will let you know how it goes 🙂 I'll be back! Anna

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Ongoing painting 2

 Another layer on the painting with ice breaks up.  You can see the first two steps here: https://fargaregardsanna.wordpress.com/2016/01/26/ongoing-painting/ I'm still not finished, I'll be back! Anna

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Ongoing painting

I'm sorry I haven't time to read your blogs lately. I'm stucked in a painting that takes my time right now. I have an idea that I want to see where it leads. I have no idea what the final result will be. I will show you when I've finished the painting, but I will… Continue reading Ongoing painting

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Blue sailboat

What can I say. Love sailboats 🙂 Anna