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Kopparödla Slow worm

I found this one today on my walk.

This is actually a lizard, but it looks like a snake. In Swedish we call it copper lizard. Maybe it’s because it’s skin shines like copper.

If you want to see some real snakes from Sweden you can pay the blog Fotobloggarna a visit. Lots of great photos of Swedish nature and many posts is about snakes.


10 thoughts on “Kopparödla Slow worm”

    1. Tack. Jag hade bara en mobilkamera modell äldre, så jag fick inte bild på så nära håll. Kopparödlan kryper omkring ofta hos oss, men detta var första gången i år jag såg den. Den tappar svansen ibland, då ser man bara en svansbit ligga istället för hela kroppen.

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    1. Thanks. I think so too. That little creature is often around, but I saw it for the first time this year yesterday.


    1. It does look very much like a snake. It’s smaller and thinner than Swedish snakes though. Maybe thats the big difference.


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