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Mannen som planterade träd The man who planted trees

This is a repost. Detta inlägg går i repris.

I read a wonderful classic litte story the other day about The man who planted trees by Jean Giono.

Här om dagen läste jag en underbar liten historia som ger hopp om att varje liten människas gärning kan göra stora goda underverk.

Boken heter Mannen som planterade träd, författare Jean Giono.

Original title: L’homme qui plantait des arbres

The story so clearly shows that one human being can do great things without great resources. Helping nature can never be wrong and this man in the story shows how we can be nice to nature and humans at the same time. It´s a story made up, but it could be real. It´s possible to achieve such greatness if we want to.

He devoted his life to plant trees and after many years he had created an enviroment that people could live in again. The trees gave people water again.

In my area people, well politicians and people hungry for money mostly, thinks trees are useless. They´re not!


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