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What’s Halloween to you?


41 thoughts on “What’s Halloween to you?”

  1. First of all, I love the picture…the little heart shaped eyes are cute. Halloween is actually my favorite holiday. I love costumes and all the fun that goes into the season.

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    1. I think you are right. The main thought about celebration is often lost. We called this All Saints until about ten years ago, then the stores invented Halloween in Sweden to sell millions of rubbish things. So the main thought about remembering and honoring our loved ones that we lost, are almost gone. If feel a little sad about that.

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  2. It was a weird tradition here in Spain which has become very popular among kids recently. Here we have amagüestu, some similar celtic tradition related to conker eating and also honouring our dead ones.


  3. It is one of a number of days used by retailers to sell plastic rubbish such as tridents.
    Ans where does the plastic rubbish go the following day?

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  4. A great late afternoon / evening with friends and their kids, taking the kids trick or treating and then enjoying some good food and wine at home. That’s what it is for me 🙂

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  5. I believe Halloween is the second most popular holiday in the U.S. now, after Christmas (at least as far as spending money.) Fall is my favorite season but I can’t really get into costume parties. I’ll take Christmas any day. I do love your pumpkin, though, Anna.

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    1. Thanks. Christmas is the most popular holiday here in Sweden. The halloween version, with costumes and candy, we’ve only had for say about ten years. Before that it was All Saints holiday, that was ment to honor our loved ones that passed. We light candles in the graveyard and it is so beautiful. But these days it seems to be more of candy, costumes and lot of rubbish the stores want to sell.

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      1. Your original All Saints day sounds like our Memorial Day in May. Too bad it’s now turning into Halloween with all the junk.

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  6. Thank you, Anna, for stopping by to put a “like” on my poem today. I have enjoyed reading all the comments to your Halloween post, here. So true…about holidays that once meant something important but now have fallen into merely commercial occasions…..

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