For some unidentified reason I suddenly remembered one of the tv series I watched as a kid in the early 80’s. You might think it was a Swedish serie, but nooooo, our favorite tv program was a Norweigian serie called Professor Drövels hemlighet in Swedish. In English that would be Professor Drövels Secret.

It was a search and find story with an exiting cliffhanger in the end of every episode. We kids though it was amazing, but we also did understand the comic pieces in the story. It was the adventure that kept us in front of the tv screen. The brothers that searched for the secret, was out in the wild, paddling canoes, camped in the outback and met all sorts of adventures on their way. Oh how we kids wished to be there with them.

I found links to episodes of the series, but I haven’t dared to watch. Maybe I get disappointed. Maybe I destroy my youth fascination for the serie.
But if you want to check one episode you can see it here:

One thing I do today is paddling kayak, so a little bit of the adventure part I kept with me from my childhood tv series 🙂