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Open new doors

One of my all time favorite song is Something’s coming from West Side Story. That song really captures that feeling you get sometimes. A good feeling of something’s good is coming. It can be just about anything in the category surprises in the sentence good surprises. A small thing, a big thing. It doesn’t matter what it is, it is there right around the corner or behind a new door you just found without even knowing about the door or corner.

Well, the song describes this feeling much better than I do, so here it is

And here’s a little drawing on the theme open new doors

I try to open new doors whenever an old one closes and also without old doors closing. Behind those doors I almost always find new knowledge and new fun things to do.

Some of the new doors are your blogs, think about that, it’s fun finding your blogs behind those doors and I would have missed that if I never dared to open new doors.

Happy blogging 🙂


15 thoughts on “Open new doors”

  1. Your metaphores of life are so telling and so beautiful. Every new experience – a new room. And old experiences to be revisited and opened again. There’s so much wisdom in this.

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  2. Anna, this musical has so many great songs with Bernstein’s music and Sondheim’s lyrics. One of my favorite song lines is “hold my hand and we’re halfway there.” Keith

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      1. Anna, in my son’s second year of marching band, they highlighted the songs from West Side Story. It was a much better year hearing them play that music week in week out. Thanks again for the memories, Keith

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  3. I find it interesting that you would choose a song from west side story. Musicals are great and generally uplifting. You should watch “Mama Mia” if you haven’t already. It will leave a smile on your face every time you watch it.

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