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Lilacs in rain – Syrener i regn

Lilac time is a beautiful season in Sweden. It doesn’t matter if it rains or the sun is shining. They are so lovely in every weather.

I did this drawing on ipad a couple of years ago. I didn’t quite remembered how the lilacs looked but I gave it a try without checking out a photo of lilacs.



26 thoughts on “Lilacs in rain – Syrener i regn”

    1. Thank you. I did the drawing in a sketch program on my ipad. It’s a fun way to draw. The colors last forever and the variations are endless and I can erase whatever I want if I do something wrong in the drawing.


    1. You are right about that. I opened my window and looked down and found the lilacs in the rain and they smelled so good.


    1. Everytime I see that word ‘Purple’ I get the only purple-song I know in my head and maybe I should have pasted a link to it in the post. I wrote about rain too, so why didn’t I think of that! Purple rain….🎵

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  1. Anna. vilka fina färger! Jag älskar syrener och doften. Jag har ett jätte fint ( och nu STORT ) syren träd på stam på balkongen. Det luktar alltid så gott när det regnar där ute. Konstigt nog så har den inte börjat blomma ännu…men där är massor av knopp! Hoppas de slår ut snart!

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    1. Å vad härligt med en syrenbalkong! Sköt om trädet ordentligt så kan du snart skryta med att ha en egen syrenberså på balkongen!


  2. Lovely Anna. We were fortunate here to have many lilacs but now they are gone for the year. Currently we are surrounded by Poppies, Scotch Broom (there go my allergies) Lavender and so much more. 🙂

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      1. I’ve been without a computer for several months and before that many problems with the old. Now I am trying to learn the PC as the old one was a MAC. The learning curve for an old dog is rather steep but I intend to work on it. 🙂

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