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While you were asleep – Medan ni sov

Or are you one of us that gets up right after 04:00 in the morning? Eller tillhör du en av oss som går upp strax efter fyra om morgonen? I love early mornings. Everything is quiet and still. Everything begins again and new possibilities comes to you if you want. Jag gillar tidig morgon. Allt… Continue reading While you were asleep – Medan ni sov

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Power bank

This is one of my soul power banks 🙂 Nature always gives me new energy  What's your power bank? Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs

Mother nature is the best artist

I found this lovely "painting" on a rock. I can never create such beautiful pattern. Mother Nature is a true artist with high skills 🙂 This is what I'm fighting for. To preserve nature. Anna

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Lilacs in rain – Syrener i regn

Lilac time is a beautiful season in Sweden. It doesn't matter if it rains or the sun is shining. They are so lovely in every weather. I did this drawing on ipad a couple of years ago. I didn't quite remembered how the lilacs looked but I gave it a try without checking out a… Continue reading Lilacs in rain – Syrener i regn

Digital paintings, drawings, Nature miracles

Transformation tree

Apple trees are great transformers! They are so beautiful all year around, but each season has different beauty. Anna

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Shaggy ink cap Bläcksvamp

I found this outside my house recently. It's a funny fungus. First it is all a white beauty, then it transform to a ink colored beauty and in the end it explode and leave the ink on the ground. Just look at this: from wikipedia: Coprinus comatus, the shaggy ink cap, lawyer's wig, or shaggy… Continue reading Shaggy ink cap Bläcksvamp

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Naked lady Tidlösa

Autumn in Trosa. Then the naked lady or autumn crocus appears in the garden. It's a beautiful little flower I think. In Swedish we call it Timeless. I don't know why, but it's a lovely name. But naked lady is maybe a more exciting name? We have that name for the flower in Swedish too,… Continue reading Naked lady Tidlösa

Nature miracles, Photographs

Dragon fly Trollslända

Look what my camera captured the other day 🙂 I think it looks like a fairy tale animal. Anna

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Sky’s on fire?

   Nature miracles never cease to amaze me. Look at this sky. I could never do a painting that magic. I'm glad I could capture the moment with a camera. I always get overwhelmed by nature beauty. Every word is to small to describe nature miracles, every feeling is to limited to express the experience… Continue reading Sky’s on fire?