Morning drawings- Morgonteckningar December 19-20 2018

Will there be a white Christmas? Får vi en vit jul?

Christmas candy making – julgodistillverkning 🙂

How’s it going with you Christmas preparations? Or do you celebrate other holidays maybe?

Hur går det med era julförberedelser? Eller firar ni andra högtider istället?



14 thoughts on “Morning drawings- Morgonteckningar December 19-20 2018”

    1. How lovely. I have some cooking and baking left to do, but that’s fun to do, so there’s no burden there. So I will enjoy the days till Christmas and hopefully enjoy the actual Christmas day too 🙂

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  1. I’m preparing the stuffing for the turkey today. It’ll go into the freezer and be used on Tuesday. Pies are all made but the cookies have been eaten already.
    Merry Christmas Anna.

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  2. Christmas candy making has been finished for sometime! Looking forward to an evening with our son, and his family on Christmas Eve. Christmas day with my 95-yr-old mother, possibly at a cousin’s place! Hope you have a nice holiday! I am sure many will enjoy your candies!

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