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Crochet cormorant – virkad skarv

Challenge: crochet a cormorant 

Utmaning: virka en skarv

This is how it turned out.

Så här blev den.

Photo behind the crotchet cormorant that I used as guidance I borrowed from Aspiblog, thanks Thomas for all great cormorant photos in your blogposts through the years.

Fotot som jag använde som vägledning lånade jag från Aspiblog, tack Thomas för alla fina foton på skarvar genom åren.


6 thoughts on “Crochet cormorant – virkad skarv”

    1. Thanks! It was fun trying and I think it looks lika a cormorant. It’s fun crotchet a cormorant because here in my town many people don’t like them.

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