Over at Jims corner of wp there’s a decking talk going on.

There’s wood material on one hand and composite material on the other hand.
I added boards width to the discussion.

In my town we now a days often use wider boards to the wooden deck. It is quicker to add and becomes more stable and last longer. The maintenance is the same though.

I like wood works. The smell, the feeling, the “knirking” sound.

I didn’t built this decking, but I’ve built other deckings and that’s fun, but it’s much work.

This is a post that has nothing to do with art or…wait it has to do with art. When I work with maintenance or build this kind of decking I think of what to paint or write next.


Wp:s latest update prevents me from paste an image here. I get thrown out of the app and support says WP will fix it in next update!

Ahhhhhh…..irritating to not be able to use my wp app. Bad connection makes admin board really slow, so that’s not an option.

Well I try a admin board post, we’ll se how it goes.

Annas decking :)