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What is hot for you?

They say the temperature is going to be near 30 degrees Celcius here, that’s 86 Farenheit I understand.
When we get that high temprature, I think it’s too warm to work and too hot to think. My brain will melt.

I still have working days left before vacation time, so with hot weather it’s gonna be long days to vacation.


Here I was going to place a picture but wp app shuts me out when I try to select a picture. Bad latest update, if you ask me /:|

15 thoughts on “What is hot for you?”

  1. Ha ha it is so cold here that i can’t think! But summers in Australia …. 40 degrees! Autumn is my favourite time and spring is lovely. But we do love summers at the beach 🙂

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    1. It’s the same here. Autumn is my best too, but summer and spring is also nice. Winter can be ok, but it is very dark days then. And cold and snowy.

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  2. Hi Anna, what is too hot. Vancouver Canada has temperatures from 30 to almost 40 degrees inland. I am on the water and as long as there is a breeze coming off the ocean it is a relief. I live by the ocean thank goodness. This is too hot for me.

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    1. Sleep through thunderstorms is not easy, you must have much heat. I also get tired when it’s to warm and my brain melts.


  3. Yes I too am in Aus. Forty Celsius is quite common here and in some parts it can get much hotter. Today is a cloudless day with expected maximum of 16 Celsius…this is what we call cold!

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    1. We call minus 16 C cold! But that’s wintertime. +16 C we often have in summer time, but now we have warmer, a lot warmer. We’re not use to sunny days without clouds and rain and this hot. But we can’t complain, we just have to learn that we also can have warm weather 🙂

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