For many years in the 90’s, I once a year visited Runtuna church in Södermanland in december, builded in middle of 1100s. It’s a little church in the countryside. They had the privilege of having access to one of Swedens top opera singers, Mr Olle Persson. Together with the local church choir he gave a Christmas consert every Christmas.

That was magic to hear all our classic Christmas hymns live with his great voice, the church choir and the acoustics in the old church. It was like the music they made always started the Christmas spirit in me.

I tried to find something like that on the internet, who could give you a clue of the feeling in a Swedish little church with a great baritone, singing swedish Christmas songs. I didn’t find anything that could bring that feeling back.

But I did find a video track with Jussi Björling, who was one of our world famous opera singers. He sings O helga natt, O Holy Night, and the pictures in the video really shows a beautiful winter and Christmas Sweden when we have white Christmases 🙂

So, all of you who wonders how Sweden looks at winter and how our Christmas looks like, watch this.

O Holy night is a song that ends almost every Christmas concerts in Sweden. Some versions when pop singers try to sing it, they sounds aweful, but when our opera singers take the song on, then it can be great to hear that song.


Jussi Björling