Marzipan place – shop and cafe – handmade marzipan in Trosa
Marsipangården – butik och café – handgjord marsipan i TrosaA very nice place if you want to buy chocolate and marzipan or have a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate:)

The little red house in the picture is Trosa’s oldest house. In 1719 the russians burned down the whole Trosa town and right after that this little house were built.

This is a classic Trosa view from Trosa river/creek and a part that almost look the same as in the late 1800 centrury. Still not destroyed by our clown politicians as many other parts of Trosa.

The Spring don’t seems to be that far away with 4-5 degree C and some rain. The afternoons around four o’clock is now a little brighter than a couple of weeks ago.