…who has to go to bed when all the fun starts.

Jason/OM sometimes write about wrong blogging.
I’m definitely in the wrong blogging category sometimes.

I’m too lazy or don’t find the time to make up blogging plans for how to post, answering comments and reading other blogs. I just randomly does what comes to my mind at the moment when I sit down with my ipad and check out the wp app.

When I post I often do it too close to bedtime and that means I don’t answer comments for about at least a day later some days. That’s slow answering, but hey I gotta sleep, wake up and go to work, then when I come home I can answer comments.

Then, when I have time, I try to visit other blogs, like and leave comments. By that time it’s not much time left to make a new post to post. And I’m back to square one! I post, go to bed, sleep and wake up and go to work and come home and so on. Not a great blog plan!

It really feels like when you were a kid and had to go to bed when all the fun was about to start.

How come you feel like this you may wonder. I’m in a totally different time zone than many of you. Thumbup says good morning when I say goodnight. It’s a back to the future feeling over it 🙂

I’m in UTC+1, also known as CET (Central Europe time)

Check out this if you want to read about different time zones.

List of time zones by country – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It’s fascinating though, that we all live in different time zones and still can be in touch here on wp. I like that. Some of you have all day left when my day is over. And I meet a new day long before you do or the other way around depending on where you are.

So, have a good morning, day, afternoon, evening or night wherever you are!

Which timezone do you live in? 

It’s exciting to know how many different time zones this post reach 🙂