Inga Lindstrom in Trosa Sweden

bild från Trosakrönikan/picture from my swedish Trosa book

Those of you who follows the german film serie Inga Lindstrom might have seen the little town Trosa in Sweden where I live.

The other day I saw the film team coming in to Trosa once more. They’ve been here many times many years now. It’s nice to see that people like the views of our little town.

I don’t know which films that shows Trosa scenes but you can check some of the films here. I think I ‘ve seen two films with Trosa views. It was like reading cute love stories, no deep, but very beautiful scenery 🙂

Trosa has been a film making place for many years. In 1950’s there were lots of b&w film teams in little Trosa. In the 80’s some Astrid Lindgren film scenes were made in Trosa. The Swedish famous serie Hedebyborna also a film made in the 80’s, takes place in Trosa area.

Here’s an oldie, a classic Astrid Lindgren film about The detective Blomqvist. Lots of Trosa scenes in that film.



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