I will be back soon I hope. I’m so behind with everything. I want to catch up on your blogs and I miss you all big time.

Have a great time until I come back 😉



37 comments on “Behind

  1. There was a large gap in my blogging activity while I was on holiday in Sweden recently, and it was not until I had been back from holiday a full week that I was properly ready to proceed again, so don’t worry about being a bit behind at the moment.

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  2. Todos andamos más ocupados en este largo verano y no podemos llevar el ritmo. Tranquilos y seguiremos esperando que recuperemos tiempo para pasear por los amigos Blogger. Besos

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  3. I hope it is something nice that keeps you busy, Anna 🙂
    I’ll have a cup of tea waiting for you and get the cookies ready.

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  4. Känner igen känslan…
    Man längtar in hit till WP- men ju fler dagar som går ju mer ångest får man nästan! Det tar ju all tid i världen att hälsa på inne hos alla man vill besöka, svara på kommenterarer- skriva kommentarer…
    Ja, det bästa är när det rullar på och man kan kika in varje dag.

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