Who are you? Part 2

Jason at HarshReaLiTy once did a post about how we chose our profile name. I can’t find that post and I did ask him, but he didn’t find it either.

So I do a post about this on my own instead, not that well written as I remember Jasons post was, but anyway. I do it.

Jasons post actually made me change my profile name. I was so new at blogging when I come across Jasons blog, so all that he wrote about blogging was good lessons for me.

He wrote about how strange many profile names are and he asked for our names behind the gravatars we left on his blog.

That made me think and that also made me become Anna in the profile name. My name is Anna, so why complicate things the way I had done in the beginning?

My profile name was “FärgaregårdsAnna” when I created my blog which also is the name of my blog.

When I realized my readers weren’t so much Swedishspeaking I changed my blog language to English. I write some in Swedish too, but most post are in English.

You probably already figured it out. No one outside Sweden knows what “FärgaregårdsAnna” means. I wish I had knew that I would be talking to the whole world or at least 99 countries so far when I started the blog. But I didn’t, so blog name and profile name was in Swedish.

When I read Jasons post about profile names it became clear to me how much easier people would remember me if I changed my profile name to Anna. No one else seemed to use that simple name either in the community corner I got into. Anna is one of the most common name in Sweden, so I’m use to have a couple of Annas around me wherever I go.

So I changed my profile name to Anna, thanks to Jasons post. I remember more bloggers than me did the same thing. All of a sudden it became easier to recognize other bloggers by remember their names. They also became persons more than profiles and funny gravatars.

Everyone should do what suits them, but for me a simple Anna is perfect as my profile name.


You can check you user name in the profile settings. In the wp app it look like this:

13 thoughts on “Who are you? Part 2”

  1. I have so many
    That I’ve used over time
    My blog is call one thing
    But when I signed out of a blog
    I always leave my name
    The Sheldon Perspective
    As always Sheldon
    The professional cannon
    Or even
    Sky pilot

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I always enjoy your comments and I always find your blog to visit and there I always enjoy your pics and words 🙂


    1. You are close. The place I live in is called Color Farm in Swedish. Once there was a paint making place where I live. They even had cows in a little tiny barn outside the house. The cows drank water from Trosa river. “Pling”


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