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I’m not there

Do you remember the movie about Bob Dylans life? I really liked that film. How they let different characters play the Dylan part. Nowadays the title of the movie has a whole new meaning come to think of the weird situation about the Nobel Prize he’s still silence about.

I haven’t a clue what to think other than it’s fun when something unexpected happens and all sorts of people shows all kinds of reactions. We need weird things to happen sometimes. So next year I wanna see a poet or two getting the Polar prize 😉

I don’t know much about the Dylan music accomplishments or his lyrics other than some great artist made covers of his songs. He should thank them. Without them singing his songs I wouldn’t have noticed his music and lyrics.

Here’s my experience of Dylan music and lyrics and all I know is that this songs has a power to survive over time no matter who sings them.

Hanne Boel is a Danish artist and she has many more great songs. Two of them are Dylan covers.

Emotionally yours Hanne Boel

A hard rain’s A gonna fall Hanne Boel

This is another favourite Dylan cover. If you have heard this artist live you will never forget her voice. She’s been to Sweden many times and I was lucky to hear her at several concerts in the 80′ and 90’s.

Knocking on heavens door Randy Crawford

So, if the world is upset or happy about Dylan getting a Nobel prize in litterateur, I don’t care. I don’t care how he react either.

He made some good songs and other artists have helped him reaching out by making covers of his songs and he helped them by writing the songs.

Thanks to his way of life people have been able to make a film about his life in a different way of telling a story about a famous artist. And thanks to them he probably gained some more fans.

It’s a creative circle that never ends. So those who think it’s right or wrong to give the artist a prize, how can you really tell what’s wrong or right when we all are inspired by each other all the time? It never ends and that’s the beauty about any art form.

It’s not prizes who makes art making big, it is the art making it self! Art is not a competition, it’s a way of living, a way of breathing.


18 thoughts on “I’m not there”

    1. We have a singer and songwriter from the 1700’s that we today call a poet, so maybe that’s what people will see in Dylan in some hundred years from now. I don’t think they picked the wrong guy. Maybe they’re ahead of our time?

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      1. Dylan is a very dynamic poet/songwriter/singer. He’s right on the message. I think it is brilliant that they choose him for this honour.

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  1. Hi Anna, good post! and unusual links to covers. Bob Dylan has written great stuff – songs that are also stand-alone superb poetry – over his 50 year (so far) career – not just the first 10 ten that most people are familiar with. You’re right to say he fits in a wider description as an artist, and the whole uproar about his Nobel prize was predictable but in my opionion wrong-minded. But I can’t really see him going to Stockholm, mainly because the Nobel money is weapons-manufacturing based. In my opinion he should accept it and just give it to charity. But I don’t see it happening… Oh, and thanks for following my blog 🙂

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    1. I think you’re on to something. It might not be an easy question for him and maybe he’s still thinking of how to react. Who can blame anyone for taking time to think?

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  2. Muy polémica la decisión. Hay todo tipo de opiniones y algunos no entienden el Nobel de Literatura a un cantante. Dylan. Pero sus letras, su poesía, porque no????. Abrazos Ana.

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