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Eis bitte

Today I met an archipelago in ice. Nature is a brilliant sculpture maker.

And yes, this is how dark a day without sun is in Sweden right now.

I want Spring soon 🙂

The post title refers to a quote from a Swedish movie about a ski trip. 

From the Swedish film “Snowroller” from the 80’s

A rude man who’s wining about everything on the family ski holiday wants some ice in his water glass. He call on the waiter and beg him in German for ice please.

The waiter plays a trick on him, to lighten things up, but the wining man doesn’t appreciate it much, but his wife do and the rest of the restaurant guests.

Have a great Sunday!



15 thoughts on “Eis bitte”

  1. Beautiful photos of ice. I want the ice to get thicker so that I can go skating on the sea. And sun of course! The archipelago is almost more beautiful in the winter than in the summer.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s a classic Swedish comedy with lots of funny things like that in the movie. They make many jokes about how we swedes acts on ski holidays in foreign countries.

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