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Eis bitte

Today I met an archipelago in ice. Nature is a brilliant sculpture maker. And yes, this is how dark a day without sun is in Sweden right now. I want Spring soon 🙂 The post title refers to a quote from a Swedish movie about a ski trip. From the Swedish film "Snowroller" from… Continue reading Eis bitte

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Speak Swedish part 7

The previous Speak Swedish post got a comment about the swedish word "slut". It is not the same as the word in English. Just look at this. In English the word means something totally different  We pronounce the word differently, but when we write the letters only, who can then tell the difference? Languages are… Continue reading Speak Swedish part 7

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Speak Swedish part 6

When I was in school about hundred years ago I thought it was scary to learn English, a foreign language. The thing that scared me was, what if I can't learn it properly, what if I say the wrong words, spell them bad and so on. What if I don't understand the language.  I was… Continue reading Speak Swedish part 6

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Lemur is actually lemur in Swedish too, so now you can speak Swedish a little 😉 Anna

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Läs i sommar! Read a novel in Swedish!

I wrote a little novel a couple of years ago, to se if I could. If you read Swedish or have a possibility to translate, you can look into the links for each chapter and read. När ni behöver ta en paus. Leta rätt på en bok och sjunk in i tankeuniversum för en stunds… Continue reading Läs i sommar! Read a novel in Swedish!

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Reading stats the wrong way

   Are you a stats freak or do you not care for such things at all? I'm a bit of both and my interest for stat figures has changed during my blogging time here on wp. At first I was thrilled over the activity in the stats. Some days peaked and others there were almost… Continue reading Reading stats the wrong way

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Speak Swedish part 5

Just one word one this time. And a bit difficult maybe. I've just noticed when I wroted a comment where I should say I saw something bla bla bla. I had to check the meaning of the word saw, like in see, saw and so on. I remembered back in my head that saw also… Continue reading Speak Swedish part 5

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Speak Swedish part 4

I say it again. Speaking Swedish doesn't have to be that difficult. Look at this: Swedish - English Nobel - Nobel Professor - Professor Slang - Slang Blind - Blind Museum - Museum That wasn't so difficult ha? Anna 🙂   

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I hear you

What do you think this fly on the wall hear? In Swedish we have the expression "en fluga på väggen" a fly on the wall, who can hear everything in a room. Maybe that's the same in english? We say: I wish I could be a fly on the wall so I can hear what… Continue reading I hear you

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Reach out and jump in

Are you aware of that your language settings on your dashboard makes different in how many people you reach with your blog? This is mainly for you, who don't choose english as language in the settings. If you choose your own language, me for an example, choosed Swedish when I started my blog. A stupid… Continue reading Reach out and jump in

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Speak Swedish!

Learn Swedish - it's easy 🙂 I'm not kidding. You will learn Swedish in a hurry. At least a few words. These words for an example: Swedish(English) Cash (Cash) Pizza (Pizza) laptop (laptop) jetlag (jetlag) tennis (tennis) golf (golf) winter (vinter) ipad (ipad) iphone (iphone) boss (boss) Ten words to learn in Swedish, that wasn't… Continue reading Speak Swedish!

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Happy birthday again!

Another birthday card. A fifty years young karateka, who paints Japanese pines and Swedish fish and is part of the artist group Pink bucket. Ett annat födelsedagskort. En femtio år ung karateutövare, som målar japanska tallar och svenska fiskar och ingår i konstnärsgruppen Rosa hinken. Anna   

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Me, a blogger?

Do you want to read some Swedish? Then you can visit a local e-magazine called and read an interview with me. Here's the link: Or visit | Facebook Give it a try if you want. Or.... Cheat and read a google translation here: Anna Bohlin combine efforts to help entrepreneurs with financial… Continue reading Me, a blogger?