Nature miracles, Photographs

The perfect artist Mother Nature

Just look at this ice formations that the photographer Ingrid Benson found the other day. Thanks Ingrid for letting us all see Mother nature's artwork. Wind and water in perfect match. Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs

Nature as sculptress 

I found this little piece of ice art. All made by Mother Nature. Who can beat that? I didn't succeed in catching the sunshine on the ice sculpture, you should have seen it in the sunlight, it was magnificent. Frost by the way is actually frost in Swedish too, so now you know a Swedish… Continue reading Nature as sculptress 

Nature miracles, Photographs, Trosa is the place

Eis bitte

Today I met an archipelago in ice. Nature is a brilliant sculpture maker. And yes, this is how dark a day without sun is in Sweden right now. I want Spring soon 🙂 The post title refers to a quote from a Swedish movie about a ski trip. From the Swedish film "Snowroller" from… Continue reading Eis bitte

Nature miracles, Photographs

Weird winter here

Frosty rock from a previous winter walk  Now it looks like this All green like it was Spring coming in soon The only frosty thing I found now was this Rhodenendron seems to be quite ready for Spring too And the lingonberry still grows! That's something that we use to pick in early Fall. A… Continue reading Weird winter here

Digital paintings, drawings, Trosa is the place

Curling ice day

Jims comment, when I told about the weird winter weather we have over here in Sweden right now, gave me a idea for a drawing.  One day it's raining and the next day it's freezing. That makes our streets and walks look like invisible curling ice.  When Jim heard about that he asked if I had… Continue reading Curling ice day

Nature miracles, Photographs

Mother Nature as a sculpteur

Just look at this             Even if we humans tried to create such perfectness, we wouldn't come near this beauty:) Anna

Blogging, Watercolours

Ongoing painting 3

Still not dry yet. Doesn't look good, but when it's dry again I can continue.    Now I can go on with next layer.    I will let you know how it goes 🙂 I'll be back! Anna

Photographs, Trosa is the place, What ever

Trosa at 15:00 in January

 Darkness is about to coming in, the daylight is almost all gone     Trosa river and some mallards. They stay in the water all winter. Well fed by those who walks along the river. Maybe it's more lika a creek or a very small river. It's not a canal though, canals are built, rivers and… Continue reading Trosa at 15:00 in January

Pastel paintings

Icebreaker Anna/Isbrytaren Anna ;)

This post is partly an old one, but today with -15 C and freezing winds I feel like I have ice coldness everywhere. Fireplace keep me warm, so I'm alright. Found this painting and thought it would fit in the cold theme 🙂  Still warm thoughts to you all! Anna Pastel Painting on red paper.… Continue reading Icebreaker Anna/Isbrytaren Anna 😉


Tre vise människor (julpris 1 000 kr)/Three wise people

Så här års har ibland isen hunnit lagt sig, som ett stort vitt golv över fjärdarna. Men icke i år. Skridskoåkare brukar betrakta den isfria perioden på året som en enda stor vak. De bara väntar på att vattnet på hav och sjöar ska återfå skridskoåkarunderlag. Den här oljetavlan målade jag med i stort sett… Continue reading Tre vise människor (julpris 1 000 kr)/Three wise people