With inspiration from a classic Swedish space poem.

When the anxiety and doubt hit the passengers on the spacehip that lost track and never will return the get open cans of life and memories from where they come from before entering the spaceship.

They entered the spacehip because life on planet earth was no longer possible. They destroyed the planet with their unwise living style. They entered spacehip for a travel to planet b, but the spaceship broke and could no longer steering in the right direction.

My goal is to make about 103 drawings. I just finished no 21!

It’s an exciting drawing journey and I really like this project I’ve given myself. Now I just have to find more time to make new drawings.

The next one will probably be something with crocodile tears.

By the way, anyone of you who recognize the reference I use in the picture on the can? 

When I thought about how to draw a can with the content Life, my thoughts went immediately to this reference. Can you guess what went through my mind when I thought about the word and the feeling LIFE. I give you a lead; “I got life…” 🎶

And do you recognize the reference I use for the anxiety people in the drawing?