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Will I make it?

Last years stats

Stats this year so far

The views number I think I will hit a new record this year, but the likes and the comments, nah that will be lower numbers this year.

It’s interesting to compare two years stats. Last year I reposted many posts and that collected many likes, but it got messy in the timeline somehow so I don’t repost as often as I did then. Result, less likes on every post, but a more clean timelime on the blog.

The comments were obviously a lot more last year, but I think we talk as much as we did last year. Maybe we have talked on your blogs instead of mine this year?

The visitor numbers is hogher this year. I dinner know if that means that new people have found my blog or what that number says. I can only guess.

Here’s some other interesting stats stuff

Were do you find my blog? Mostly from wp reader, search engines and then way behind fb and other sources.

Here’s also interesting info. From my blog you go to other blogs and sites. Jim at Random writing on the bathroom wall, (local news), John at and Thomas at aspiblog is the top sites you go to from here.

And then my favorite section in stats. The flag stats. You visit my blog from all over the world. Here’s the top list for this year.

I hope I leave my Swedish flag 🇸🇪 in your stats now and then.

What is your favorite section in the stats?



13 thoughts on “Will I make it?”

  1. I also like the flag part of that statistics.
    Makes me feel so international lol… I guess I’m one of few leaving the UAE flag every now and then.

    Liked by 1 person

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