Pastel paintings

Icebreaker Anna

The Swedish Icebreaker boats are named after the nordic gods. Work boats also always have men names. But not mine. My icebreaker is named after me 🙂 and I’m not a nordic god, so I break several unwritten rules in this painting. 

I did the painting for more reasons than to break unwritten rules. I did this painting to encourage myself to be an icebreaker and not sit and wait for others to make the first move to solve problems.

Sometimes I actually act like an icebreaker but I don’t always do that so I still have to practice.


17 thoughts on “Icebreaker Anna”

  1. I remember last time I visited Sweden seeing the fleet of icebreakers at Lulea – four ships in total, all with mythological names. Your picture is splendid, and I approve of your choice of name – rules are made to broken!

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