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Happy easter Glad påsk

Do you celebrate Easter or do you celebrate something else this time of year?

How do you say happy easter in your language?


27 thoughts on “Happy easter Glad påsk”

  1. Happy Easter! Don’t really celebrate anymore but my family never did anything traditional. We’d dress up, dye eggs, and eat dinner when my grandparents were alive. We’re not really religious but my parents are baptized Catholics.

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      1. Thank you! Unfortunately we don’t have a garden, even less a tree.
        I am at the moment nalbinding a pair of socks – huge socks – so I have some yarn to play with 🙂

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  2. Glad Påsk 😉 we are celebrating in Dubai even though it’s a mix of several cultures here, we all kind of just take advantage of a good celebration !

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    1. Glad påsk! Who knows, some day the world will live in peace and celebrate all holidays no matter where they came from in the beginning. Maybe we take every chance to celebrate then 🙂

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