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Can you help me find a problem impossibly to solve?

In my series of drawings inspired of a space poem I have now come to a point where I should do a drawing about a person who find an answer to an unsolved problem. 

I want to use one of the world known unsolved problems in the science area. Mathematics, physics or something like that. What is the worlds most impossible problem to solve, that no human has ever come near to find an answer to?

Can you give me suggestions of unsolved problems? 

I min teckningsserie som utspelar sig i rymden har jag kommit till en teckning som ska illustrera en person som löser en olöslig gåta, ett räkneproblem ingen tidigare har löst.

Jag vill använda mig av något av mänsklighetens fortfarande olösta problem inom vetenskapen. Matematik, fysik eller någon annan diciplin. Har ni något förslag på problem jag kan hämta inspiration ifrån?


20 thoughts on “Can you help me find a problem impossibly to solve?”

    1. Thank you. That one is interesting. I hope no one solve the problem in near future. I want my drawing to last forever or so. On the other hand, an answer to the problem probably serve mankind development.

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  1. As long as I have followed your blog, I am aware that you are very concerned with the environment and its protection. Is there a burning issue there that speaks to you most of all? I know if you follow your heart, we shall all be enlightened. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your inspiring words. I fight for protection of nature around here that now are threatened by politicians who thinks we still can erase nature without consequences.

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      1. Yes. I am well aware of your efforts and am most grateful. Alas, it is a global problem and it no secret which Countries are at the core of the assault on Nature! I applaud all your efforts.

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    1. That’s one of my unanswered questions too! I have several alternatives to an explanation or rather guess, but as you say, no one have the correct answer yet.

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    1. The question mark on the drawing is inspired by Escher. You are right, mayby I could do a drawing with Escher thoughts. Good idea, thank you very much!

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