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Summer or Fall?

Sommarblommorna har tagit en extra växtsäsong verkar det som. Blåklockor i augusti/september. Bluebells in August/September, hmmm, the bluebells are summer flower at our place.

Nu har tidlösan kommit upp som ju faktiskt hör hösten till. Naked lady – one of our Fall flowers.

So, is it Summer or Fall? Så har vi sommar eller höst?


17 thoughts on “Summer or Fall?”

            1. I know. When it gets darker and darker the temps fall. We have swedish summer temps now and it feels so good except when it’s humid.

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            2. They you get the weather we have right now. Rain and very windy. Yesterday it was thunder and lightening in the evening.

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            3. Sounds alarming. Hurricanes are not fun. We don’t have much of them here normally, but now with the climate changes you never know what comes. Hurricane in Swedish is “orkan”. I wonder if hurricane and orkan comes from the same original word.

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    1. Dagarna är ju sommarvarma enligt temperaturen som gäller för vanlig svensk sommar, så kanske är det sommar fortfarande? Men kvällarna är mörka som höstens kvällar.

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