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Summer or Fall?

Sommarblommorna har tagit en extra växtsäsong verkar det som. Blåklockor i augusti/september. Bluebells in August/September, hmmm, the bluebells are summer flower at our place. Nu har tidlösan kommit upp som ju faktiskt hör hösten till. Naked lady - one of our Fall flowers. So, is it Summer or Fall? Så har vi sommar eller höst?… Continue reading Summer or Fall?

Nature miracles, Photographs

Tidlösa – Naked lady

One more beautiful thing about Fall. Tidlösan dyker upp ur jorden. The Naked lady shows up in the garden. In Swedish we call the flower without leaves Timeless, but I think the english name Naked lady says more about the flower without leaves. The leaves on the pictures don't belong to the naked lady. The… Continue reading Tidlösa – Naked lady

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Naked lady Tidlösa

Autumn in Trosa. Then the naked lady or autumn crocus appears in the garden. It's a beautiful little flower I think. In Swedish we call it Timeless. I don't know why, but it's a lovely name. But naked lady is maybe a more exciting name? We have that name for the flower in Swedish too,… Continue reading Naked lady Tidlösa