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December 5 2017 baking ginger bread snaps

This is my way of baking ginger bread snaps. I don't get hungry when baking 🙂 Så här bakar jag pepparkakor. Mycket av degen försvinner direkt utan att passera plåt och ugn 🙂 One Swedish Christmas song is about three ginger bread men. Have a nice day 🙂 Anna

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December 3 a good 1st advent

I hope you all are having a great Sunday. I had a good day this first advent. Just look at the drawing. I did many little things today, so I'm happy with this day. Here's the painting that I never seems to finish. It's been an ongoing project for many years. Leslies post about a… Continue reading December 3 a good 1st advent

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December 1 2017 baking evening

And some Christmas music. Here's a Swedish traditional Christmas song. Every school kid knows this one from the St Lucia celebration December 13. Anna

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Wild raspberries 

Hmmmm what to do with these Well...they ended up here with some chocolate 😉 Jag använde malda solrosfrön istället för mandelmjöl i marängsmeten eftersom jag är nöt-och mandelallergiker. Det funkade jättebra. Anna

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First gingerbread snaps this year!

A little baking this evening. Am I early or late? Christmas is over and New years eve too and twelfth night. So, have I done gingerbread snaps very late or very early for Christmas season? Anna

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Advent 4

Advent 4 means four lighted candles and the last Sunday before Christmas. God Jul is Merry Christmas in Swedish. We got a home made Christmas gift this weekend. Meet Mr Bertil made of fir-tree branches. He's a lovely Christmas fellow. My Christmas candy making. It turned out well but not perfect. I try every year… Continue reading Advent 4

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First gingerbread cookies this season

A good beginning of December that starts tomorrow 🙂 And this could be me baking gingerbread cookies. Half the cookies never get around to the owen. A drawing from my December story. Anna

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Baking day

I'm having a baking day. That's fun. What do you bake, when you bake? Anna