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#inktober 27-31 2017

Inktober has come to an end. It is always fun to do drawings to that challenge. My time for the challenge was limited so I didn't manage to create many great drawings, but I will try better next year.  Today's prompt MASK means mask in Swedish too. But mask in Swedish can also mean caterpillar.… Continue reading #inktober 27-31 2017

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Trail #inktober 22 2017

I'm one day behind but I wanted to draw this picture on the prompt Trail. Life is about finding trails to the meaning of life. We are supposed to search our whole life I think. That's one meaning of life. The other one is to realize that we are able to love through time and… Continue reading Trail #inktober 22 2017

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Furious #inktober 21 2017

Maybe I haven't met a scary furious pig yet, but the furious pigs I have met are kind of funny. They yell and yell and yell and I just shake my head and refuse to yell back falling in to their pattern. Then they get even more furious when I don't react as they expect. … Continue reading Furious #inktober 21 2017

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Deep inktober 20 2017

This is a serious drawing on the prompt DEEP. We have our own local version of yet undiscovered Watergate-ish stories here. It is real sad and I think it's now at a point when you wish a whistleblower and some real professional digging journalists could turn up out of the blue. Sad enough that won't… Continue reading Deep inktober 20 2017

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Cloud #inktober 19 2017

What if we really could sail on clouds. That would be awesome. A Swedish singer and songwriter wrote a wonderful song in the eighties called Sail on a cloud. I still like it. If you don't understand Swedish I google translated the lyrics. It's a slow song in the beginning then it gets more powerful… Continue reading Cloud #inktober 19 2017

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Graceful #inktober 2017

What can be more graceful than a flower standing tall? The prompt Graceful led my music memory to Amazing Grace and I found a bagpipe version played by Gunhild Carling, a Swedish multi instrumentalist. Google her and you will find tons of good songs and different instruments she plays. I found one from a concert… Continue reading Graceful #inktober 2017

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Fat #inktober 16 2017

Fat in Swedish means keg, so I did a Swedish interpretation of today's prompt. When my associations went to keg it also went to a wonderful Swedish song by Hans Alfredsson from the 70's. It's about a glass of beer. Here's a Google translation of lyrics Beer - Hans Alfredsson When you look at how… Continue reading Fat #inktober 16 2017

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Mysterious #inktober 15 2017

What's more mysterious than this? If you want to join the inktober challenge read this Have fun! Anna

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Fierce #inktober 14 2017

Todays inktober prompt is fierce. This is my interpretation of the prompt. Joint the inktober challenge you too. It's fun trying to find out interpretation alternatives to the prompts. Here's how inktober works Anna

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Teeming #inktober 13 2017

What if we ll could stand on that wall and tear it down by convincing the climat changes deniers that Mother Nature will save us if we pay better respect to her. A team teeming encouragement for saving planet Earth. Well, the earth will survive no matter waht, but will we humans survive as long… Continue reading Teeming #inktober 13 2017

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Shattered #inktober 12 2017

I got a rough start on inktober with today's prompt. But in the art world you can draw your lack of ideas, so I did a drawing on the shattered prompt despite that I have no ideas 🙂 The prompt made me remember a hit from the eighties though If you want to join… Continue reading Shattered #inktober 12 2017