Language discussion I find very interesting.

Intressanta språkaspekter. Läsa gärna kommentarerna i originalinlägget också.


Finding Something from Nothing

For the last 4 weeks I have been occasionally posting on this blog and I have been reading many other fantastic and interesting blogs (so much creativity out there). This has made my think about the languages used in blogs. Although I intended this blog to predominantly be about my artistic creative attempts, I have written some of these random (and sometimes disconnected) thoughts below.

I was born in England and as a child I lived in English speaking countries. My friends were often from many different countries but we communicated with each other in English. I was aware there were many other languages and not everyone spoke English and I picked up a few words of other languages as I went. That was fine with me.

As I travelled through different countries I became aware people were often using English to communicate with each other.

I was in a queue…

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