Far too often I think we listen to much to airheads. The people with a baloon head, swaying a little bit above everyone else. They talk and talk and talk, but seldom they show that their talk and acting leads to something good.

They are specialists in describing problems as insoluble and do not want to listen to people that actually might have a rather simple solution.

It’s like they don’t want to solve the big problems they talk about. It’s seems they think their importance will disappear if they don’t have the big insoluble problems to talk about.

I saw a film, with the silliest title ever, “The girl in the cafe“. The film should have the title “Every third second”. In a very simplified way the film told the world leader what to do about the big problems. It was a good feeling to hear a voice saying, just do it, to the leaders. Even if it just was a kind of fairy tale story. But I liked it because the film told a story where introverts were the heroes and not the extroverts. That’s rare in films.

Another interesting person to listen to, who talks about our world health is a Swedish guy, Hans Rosling.

He makes statistics fun and very interesting to listen too. You can find a lot of information at Gapminder. He gives the world hope, and that’s comforting and also a challenge to all of us.
Of course I drew a drawing of the airhead that won’t see the obvious solution 🙂


Don't listen to airheads
Don’t listen to airheads