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#inktober 2 scurry

Join inktober 2022 challenge you too. It's fun! Anna

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Andy and Anna peace movement?

I found an old post from 2017. We did not know back then what's happening today. A comments thread that maybe went wild? You can read the post and the comments to get a picture of what happened. Here's the link. This is the comments that made me create an image in my head… Continue reading Andy and Anna peace movement?


Digital paintings

Three cats – Tre katter

Three cats - Tre katter Sketchbook drawing. Three cats popped up in my mind and I thougt it was nice with three cats looking at sunrise. I hope we are heading for a good year all of us. Things can only get better. But we have to start with our selves. Sketchbook-teckning. Tre katter kom… Continue reading Three cats – Tre katter

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Roof #inktober 2021-10-13

Todays prompt from inktober is ROOF. My take on the prompt looks like this Sittning on a roof with stars all over the night sky. One of our Swedish singers Sofia Karlsson wrote a song about Stars over Asahikawa long time ago. I very much like that song. If you don't understand swedish I google… Continue reading Roof #inktober 2021-10-13


Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar July 30-31 2018

Two more drawings. Ytterligare två teckningar till samlingen. I'm not happy with this one. I did some wrong decisions that I tried to fix but failed. Denna teckning lär hamna i högen dåliga resultat. Jag hade för bråttom i början och det gick inte att rätta till felen senare. Another hmfrrmmgrrr-drawing. This was a good… Continue reading Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar July 30-31 2018