Misty window


Weather, creating fog on the window may not belong to the favorites, but the mist often create beautiful patterns on the windows. When the sun once again appears, windows can look like shimmering paintings.

I tried using colored paper and light pastels to paint fog on the window. The result you see here.

Väder, som skapar imma på fönstret kanske inte tillhör favoriterna, men imman skapar ofta vackra mönster på fönsterrutorna. När solen återigen tittar fram ser kan fönstren se ut som glittrande tavlor.
Jag försökte med hjälp av färgat papper och ljusa pastellkritor att måla imma på fönstret. Resultatet ser ni här.



14 comments on “Misty window

  1. Some may say misty, foggy days are dreary. I love em. Fall mornings, crisp air, fog rolling eerily across the fields. Love sitting on the front porch swing with a hot cup of coffee, before anyone else is awake. Very peaceful.

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  2. Hi Anna
    another lovely picture which inspired me to write a poem.
    I just published it under the title Inspired by Anna’s Art Misty Window. Having some computer problems with links. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

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    • Wow. I will check it out. I have bad connection issues right now, so I can understand your situation when things don’t work as they should.


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